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Refer-a-Friend FAQ
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Q: What is Refer-a-Friend?
A: Refer-a-Friend allows existing players to refer new players to Destiny: The Taken King so that both players can earn exclusive in-game rewards by completing the Quest "A Tale of Two Guardians" with each other.

Q: Who can send referrals?
A: Veterans: Existing players who have played Destiny: The Taken King and have installed the most recent Destiny update.

Q: Who can be referred?
A: Referees: Players who don’t own Destiny: The Taken King.
Q: What console platforms is Refer-a-Friend available on?

A: Refer-a-Friend is only available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. 

Q: Do I need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription to participate?
A: A PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to complete the Refer-a-Friend Questline.
Q: What if I have been playing Destiny: The Taken King on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?
A: Players may qualify for Referee status when upgrading if they have played for less than 7 days, between consoles of the same family. After this period, Veteran status is granted.

Q: How do I form a Link with other players? 
A: In order to initiate an in-game Link, players must link to each other through Refer-a-Friend features are not currently available in the Destiny Companion App.

Q: How do I know if I've formed a Link?
A: Players may verify that they have formed a Link on through the Refer-a-Friend tab.
In-game, Linked players will display a "Linked" icon to the right of their PlayStation Network ID or Xbox Live Gamertag in the Roster tab of Character Inventory.

Q: How do I earn rewards?
A: Players may earn rewards when completing steps of the Quest "A Tale of Two Guardians" with Linked friends. 
  • The Quest "A Tale of Two Guardians" will become available from the Speaker in the Tower after forming a Link.
  • Quest steps will only be marked as complete if they are active on a character while in a Fireteam with a Linked friend.

Please note: If you or your Linked friend change characters or lose connection during a Refer-a-Friend Quest activity, the completion of that activity may not count toward Quest progression and may need to be completed again. For more information, please view this Help Article.

Q: Why does my friend show "This user is ineligible for this referral" under Pending referrals?
A: Both players have played Destiny: The Taken King for more than 7 days. Neither qualify for Referee status.
Q: Why am I being asked to purchase the game if I’ve already played Destiny: The Taken King?
A: Bungie does not support console sharing features. Players must own Destiny: The Taken King under their personal PlayStation Network/Xbox Live account in order to qualify for Referee status in the Refer-a-Friend program.

Q: I accidentally cancelled my Link with another player. What should I do?
A: If you are a Referee, you may only accept a new referral from your original Veteran. You may not accept new referrals from other Veterans.
If you are a Veteran, you may create and send a new referral to your Referee.

Q: Where do I view my Linked friends and Quest progress?
A: Players have the ability to view the Quest progress for their own characters and those of their Linked friends under the Refer-a-Friend tab
All qualifying players may view their personal progress within Destiny, under the Quests tab in Character Inventory.

Q: Where do I recover my rewards?
A: Rewards can be recovered through their respective Collections in the Tower. More information can be found at this Help Article.
If an Infinite Edge sword is Dismantled or Infused, another can be purchased from Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

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