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Festival of the Lost consumable items may be lost or display the message "Not Enough Space" once the item's stack size limit has been reached
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The maximum stack size is 99 for all Festival of the Lost consumables and players are not able to hold multiple stacks of these consumable items. These Festival of the Lost consumable items are as follows:

  • Salty Engram
  • Sugary Engram
  • Flight of Shadows
  • Tiny Box of Raisins
  • Paper Scraps
  • Fruit Motes
  • Glimmer Chew
  • Void Fizz
  • Jackolyte

If a player purchases or receives an item, such as the "Treasures of the Lost" or "Gifts of the Lost" mystery bags, that grants them one of these consumables, the excess items will be lost if the player does not have room in their Inventory. If a player attempts to transfer some of these items into their Inventory while already at the maximum stack size, the item may display a "Not Enough Space" message and be ineligible for transferring.
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