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Trials of Osiris
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Trials of Osiris is a weekly Crucible event, featuring an Elimination style game type taking Character stats into account. This playlist will be available between Friday (10:00 AM Pacific) through Tuesday (2:00 AM Pacific,).

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the end of August 2016, Trials of Osiris will only be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players on Legacy Consoles, which are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, will no longer be able to participate in the event. For more information, please see the Legacy Consoles and Destiny Events and Activities Availability guide.

Entry Requirements

To enter Trials of Osiris, players must do the following:

  • Purchase a Trials Passage from Brother Vance in the Reef
  • Have a minimum Light Level of 331. The recommended minimum Light is 370.
  • Be in a Fireteam of 3 to participate in the Trials of Osiris

Trials Passages

Trials Passages track Wins, Losses, and active Passage Buffs. 

  • If a player loses 3 matches, the Trials Passage will be completed.
  • Players may play past 9 wins on a single Trials Passage, but this will not grant additional rewards.
  • Multiple Trials Passages can be purchased and used during each event, but any Trials Passages in a player Inventory will become invalid at the end of the event.

Passage Buffs

There are three Passage Buffs that can be purchased from the Trials Passage ticket: 

  • Favor of Osiris - When applied, the Trials Passage will start with a win already awarded.
  • Mercy of Osiris - When applied, the first loss on the Trials Passage will not be recorded.
  • Boon of Osiris - When applied, the first Win on the Trials Passage will be recorded as two Wins.

Using the Passage Buffs is optional and players must activate them for them to be applied to a Trials Passage:

  • Passage Buffs can be purchased from the details page of a Trials Passage by using Passage Coins.
  • If a player wishes to use the Passage Buffs, they must be purchased before playing the first game on a Trials Passage.
  • Each specific Passage Buff can only be purchased once per Trials Passage, but the different Passage Buffs stack so that players can have two or more of the Buffs active per Trials Passage.

Trials of Osiris Rewards

Completing matches has a chance to grant Trials of Osiris specific gear. Losing matches will reward Passage Coins. The following rewards can be earned once per week, per character:

  • Trials Passage win streaks will grant rewards when a player has a total of 5 and 7 wins on a single passage. These rewards will appear in Post Game Credit Reward screens.
  • If a player completes a single passage with 9 consecutive wins and no losses, they will be granted access to the Lighthouse for additional rewards.
  • Brother Vance will also offer Weekly bounties. These will grant specific rewards for completing specific bounties.
  • NOTE: Updated with the Age of Triumph, some bounties now offer Non-Adept Trials of Osiris themed Weapons and Armor that were introduced with Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Trials of Osiris Vital Information

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know:

  • Discarding Passage Coins: After the 2.0.0 Patch, Trials Passage Coins will be discarded by the stack instead of one by one. Players should use caution when deleting items from their Inventory as Bungie does not replace accidentally deleted items. For more information on this policy, please see this help article.

  • Guardian Down: If players encounter a Connection Recovery event, they may become stuck in the Guardian Down state until the next round begins. For more information, please see this help article.

  • Update 2.2.0: Changes to the Resurrection mechanics and ammo economy were introduced in Update 2.2.0. These changes may be especially relevant in Trials of Osiris. For more information on these changes, please see the Update 2.2.0 patch notes.
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