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Armsday is the weekly activity available from the Gunsmith, Banshee-44, in the Tower. The Gunsmith will offer new Field Test Weapon and Foundry Orders every Wednesday after the Daily Reset.

Participation Requirements

To participate in the Armsday weekly activity, players must meet the following requirements:
  • Character must be Level 38 or higher to access Field Test Weapons and Foundry Orders
  • Character must have a Gunsmith Reputation of Rank 1 or higher to place a Foundry Order
  • Foundry Orders must be placed before the Daily Reset on Sunday morning.

Field Test Weapons

Each week, the Gunsmith will offer five Field Test Weapons that can be used to increase a Character's Gunsmith Reputation.
  • Each weapon will have an objective in the description for players to complete
  • Field Test Weapons, including Imprecation, cannot be placed in the Vault or transferred to other Characters
  • Once a Field Test Weapon objective has been completed, the Gunsmith Reputation will be rewarded automatically
  • Completed Field Test Weapons can be dismantled after the objectives have been completed

Foundry Orders

Each week, the Gunsmith will offer different weapons for order from the Hakke, Omolon, and Suros weapon manufacturers.

Placing a Foundry Order

Players can place a Foundry Order by purchasing the desired Foundry Order from the Gunsmith for 2500 Glimmer.
  • Placing an order will store the Foundry Order item in the Character Inventory under the respective weapon type.
  • Foundry Orders cannot be stored in the Vault or transferred between Characters.
  • Foundry Orders can only be purchased after the Wednesday Daily Reset and before the Sunday Daily Reset. 

Foundry Orders in Inventory

Characters can only hold a certain number of Foundry Orders per week.
  • As Characters increase their Gunsmith Rank they will be able to hold more Foundry Orders per week up to a maximum of three Foundry Orders per week. 
  • Players that wish to change their placed Foundry Orders can do so by pressing the "Cancel Order" button on the Foundry Order from within their Character Inventory.
  • New Foundry Orders will still need to be purchased for 2500 Glimmer from the Gunsmith before the Sunday Daily Reset.

Redeeming Foundry Orders

Characters can redeem their Foundry Orders by visiting the Gunsmith starting the following Armsday, which begins after the Wednesday Daily Reset.
  • When they are available to be redeemed, Foundry Orders will be replaced in the Character Inventory with a Fulfilled Foundry Orders which will have a gold border.
  • When players redeem a Fulfilled Foundry Order from the Gunsmith they will be presented with one or more options to choose from for each Fulfilled Foundry Order redeemed. 
  • The number of options available to choose from is based on the Character's Gunsmith Reputation Rank, with a maximum of three available options per Foundry Order.
  • Fulfilled Foundry Orders do not expire. Players can choose to not redeem a Fulfilled Foundry Order on a given week and wait till the next Armsday to choose from a new set of options.

Armsday Vital Information

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know:

  • Dismantling Fulfilled Orders: Foundry Orders that have been fulfilled can be manually dismantled from the Character Inventory. Please exercise caution when dismantling items from the Character Inventory. For more information on Bungie's Deleted Item policy, please see our help article.

  • Only Redeem from the Gunsmith: Attempting to turn in Fulfilled Foundry Orders from the Character Inventory screen, when not being prompted with a weapon selection from the Gunsmith, may result in the loss of an order. Only redeem Fulfilled Foundry Orders directly from the Gunsmith in the Tower by selecting one of the available weapon options from the Armsday Delivery prompt.

  • Purchasing and Redeeming Orders: Purchasing new Foundry Orders before redeeming Fulfilled Foundry Orders may prevent players from redeeming their Fulfilled Foundry Orders. If new Foundry Orders are purchased, players may either dismantle them to gain access to the weapon options for the Fulfilled Foundry Orders, or wait until the following Armsday to redeem all Fulfilled Foundry Orders. New orders will still cost 2500 Glimmer when being repurchased. 

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