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Infusing Year 2 Weapons and Armor
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Legendary and Exotic gear can be infused with Rare, Legendary, or Exotic gear of a higher Attack/Defense value.
Infusion will increase the Attack/Defense value of your preferred gear.
UPDATE: With the release of Destiny Update 2.2.0, Infusion will increase the Light Level of your desired item to match that of the item being infused into it.

These items must be:
  • The same Armor/Weapon category (Primary Weapon, Helmet, Ghost Shell, etc.)
  • Year 2 Armor/Weapon (look for the Taken King logo in the upper right corner of the item icon)
  • Unequipped
  • Unlocked
  • In your Inventory (Items must be taken out of the vault in order for them to be available for infusion)

Infusion requires some or all of the following:
  • Glimmer
  • Weapon/Armor upgrade materials
  • Mote of Light OR Exotic Shard*
  • Legendary Marks

*Infusing into a Legendary weapon/armor requires a Mote of Light, while infusing into an Exotic weapon/armor requires an Exotic Shard.

Additional Information:
  • Bungie is aware of issues concerning the tooltip on the Infusion menu on weapons with long perk descriptions. For more information, read this Help Article.

For Year One Weapon/Armor Ascension, please follow this FAQ.
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