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Artifacts inventory slot won't unlock
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It is possible for characters to reach Level 40 and not have the Artifacts inventory slot unlocked. For the Artifacts inventory slot to unlock, the character must be Level 40 and have earned an Artifact through normal gameplay. Artifacts can be earned through decrypting engrams or as loot drops after reaching Level 40. Artifacts are also rewarded for completing the "Reach Level 40" step of the character's class quest. Players can receive this class quest from their character's Vanguard Mentor in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower:
  • Warlocks will need to talk to Ikora Rey to receive "Legend of the Warlock"
  • Hunters will need to talk to Cayde-6 to receive "Legend of the Hunter"
  • Titans will need to talk to Commander Zavala to receive "Legend of the Titan"

Bungie is aware of and investigating an issue that may be preventing players from receiving the "Reach Level 40" step in the class quests. However, as mentioned above, completing this quest step is not necessary for unlocking the Artifacts Inventory slot. If players are encountering an issue with this quest step, they will still be able to unlock the Artifacts Inventory slot when they receive an Artifact from a loot drop or by decrypting an engram.
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