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Year One Weapon and Armor Ascension FAQ
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What gear can I ascend?
You can ascend Year One Legendary and Exotic Weapons and Armor.

What do I need to ascend my Weapons and Gear?
For Year One Legendary items, you will need Glimmer, upgrade materials, and Etheric Light.
For Year One Exotic items, you will need an Exotic Shard, Glimmer, and upgrade materials. 
*Please note - Some gear now obtained through Quests, such as Vestian Dynasty, Murmur, or The Stranger's Rifle will require Legendary marks in the place of Etheric Light and upgrade materials.

Where do I acquire Exotic Shards and Etheric Light?
Exotic Shards can be acquired by dismantling Exotic Items or by purchasing them from Xûr.
Etheric Light can be acquired from the Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris or the Weekly Nightfall Strike.

I pressed the "ASCEND" button and nothing happened.
Make sure that you have the required amount of Glimmer and upgrade materials.

I accidentally ascended my item, can I get my upgrade materials back?
We do not provide services to grant back materials. Please be careful when you perform any of the above actions.
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