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Reporting a player while in Destiny
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The in-game "Report User" function is the best way to point to another Guardian's behavior. You can report based on good or bad behavior, ranging from idling in Activities to being a helpful Fireteam member.

Please see the following instructions on how to access the function in-game:

Report a Player while playing
  1. Open your Character screen
  2. Navigate to the Roster tab
  3. Select the player name in question
  4. Choose the "Report Player" option

Report a Player while in Orbit
  1. Open the Previous Mission Summary
    • PS4: Press the TOUCH PAD button
    • Xbox One: Press the VIEW button
    • PS3: Press the SELECT button
    • Xbox 360: Press the BACK button
  2. Navigate to the Activity Rewards screen
  3. Select the player name in question
  4. Choose the “Report Player” option

Other options for reporting a Player
The most effective way to report a player is through the in-game reporting system. However, if you are unable to submit a report through the in-game system, you may fill out the Report Player Contact Form with the requested information.
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