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Account Security: How to keep your Destiny Account safe
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Account security and best-practices are the most effective ways to ensure the protection of your Guardians and their items. Below are some helpful hints to reduce any risk of them falling into the wrong hands:

- accounts rely on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live credentials. To ensure account security, we advise the following best practices:
  • Do not share your account details with anyone. Bungie employees will NEVER ask for this information.
  • Use a different password, and account security questions, for each credential.
  • Ensure that any E-mail account tied to these credentials uses an alternate password as well
  • Update your passwords frequently
  • For steps on updating credential passwords or increasing security, follow these links:
- If you share a console with family members or roommates, you may want to consider setting a password/passkey on your PSN/Xbox Live Profile

- If you use third-party websites for character, item and Fireteam management, please see this article
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