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Account Security Guide
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Account security and best-practices are the most effective ways to ensure the protection of a Destiny account’s Guardians and their items. Please see the below recommendations to reduce risk of a Destiny account being compromised.

Real Name Security in Destiny Games

If a player wishes to prohibit others from seeing real names within a Destiny game, there are specific settings that must be checked:


If a player has accepted or sent a real-name friend request, this will grant permissions for real names to appear within a Destiny game. It is possible for Close Friends to record and share gameplay containing Real Name information. If a player wishes to share a real-name but prohibit it from appearing within a Destiny game, they must follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select “PlayStation Network/Account Management”
  3. Select “Privacy Settings”
  4. Select “Protecting Your Information”
  5. Select “Games”
  6. Select “No One”


If a player wishes to hide their real name, they may do so by following steps here: Real name sharing on Xbox One.


If a player wishes to hide their Real ID, they may do so by following the steps listed within this Real ID FAQ. Profile Security accounts rely on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Blizzard credentials. To ensure account security, please see the following recommendations:
  • Do not share account details with anyone. Bungie employees will NEVER ask for this information.
  • Use a different password and account security questions for each credential.
  • Ensure that any E-mail account tied to these credentials uses an alternate password as well.
  • Update passwords frequently.

For more detailed steps on updating credential passwords or increasing security, follow these links:

Additional Security Measures

Players that share a console with family members or roommates may also want to consider setting a password/passkey on their PSN or Xbox Live Profile:

Additionally, players may want to set up 2-Step Authentication for their PSN, Xbox Live, or Blizzard accounts. For detailed instructions on how to do so, please see the following links:

Vital Information

Please see below for additional information player may need to know regarding account security.
  • PlayStation Share Play: PlayStation players should exercise caution when using the Share Play feature. When using Share Play, the viewer in control of the game has access to all of the shared account's gear, items, and characters.

  • Character and Item Deletion Policy: Whether due to accidental deletion or unauthorized account access, Bungie does not recover manually deleted characters or items. For more information, please see the Deleted Item and Character Policy.
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