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I lost items after transferring them to the Vault from or the Companion App.
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After investigating this matter, we have been unable to reproduce a scenario where any items were lost due to system transfer between the app and characters’ Vault  . We’re going to keep an eye on any further reports that may arise, however we do not restore any items or characters. Going forward, we will invest in improving the player experience when using the Vault transfer feature on app.
We apologize for any delay in the matter while investigations were ongoing.
If you feel that you are still missing any items, here are a few steps to help retrieve your items:

  1. Check all character Inventories on the App and in-game.
    • Sometimes the Companion App automatically has you logged into a character you may not have intended to transfer items to, or there may have been an error and the item never completed the transfer.
  2. Log in to Destiny if you were not logged in when transferring items via or the Companion App.
    • At times the App will not update your current game state if you have not logged in recently. Be sure to check your Vault and Inventories on all characters in the Tower. 
  3. Close Destiny, re-launch and then verify your Vault and Inventories.
    • This is a simple caching issue where the game could not catch up fast enough with your remote transfer and requires a refreshed state.
Players have reported that the items are found a couple of hours after transferring; if you experienced this issue and it has been 24 hours after you lost the item, please go back through the provided verification steps again.  

Please note, players have experienced some confusion with the following items: Gjallarhorn, Red Death or Last Word. Please see the following Help article for further information on these items:
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