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How to mute players on
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If there is a player who is harassing you on, the best thing to do is mute the player so you will not see their posts and they cannot message you. This guide will walk you through muting a player, and provides additional information about the Mute function. 

How do I mute a player?
You can mute a player with one of two ways:
  1. Navigate to the offending player's profile page, click on the "Interact" drop down, and select "Mute". 
  2. Click on a player's name through a private message or in a forum thread, and a pop out will have a Mute option. 

Reporting a single post, disliking a post or thread, or simply hiding a single item of that player does not mute the player. You have to select the "Mute" button to mute a player.

How do I un-mute a player?
To un-mute simply go to your profile drop down, select Settings and navigate to the Muted Users menu. From there, click on the "x" to un-mute the player.

I muted a player through a private message window, but they are still able to send me messages. 
Once you mute a player you will automatically be removed from a conversation with the muted user. However, they will continue to show up in group wall chats. 

Please note that muting a player on does not mute that player in game. Likewise, muting a player in game will not mute them on 
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