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Weapon Reforge FAQ
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Reforging is when you wish to change your weapon perks and have a clean slate on your weapon. When you reforge your weapon, base stats do not change but perks have a chance to change. NOTE: Reforging an ascended weapon will remove its ascension and not refund any Etheric Light. 

What weapons can I reforge?
All Year One Iron Banner and most House of Wolves legendary weapons can be reforged at the Gunsmith, with these exceptions: weapons from Trials of Osiris, House of Judgment, and Vestian Dynasty cannot be reforged.

I cannot find an option to reforge. How do I reforge my weapon?
To complete the reforge process, you need to have the required quantities of Motes of Light, Weapon Parts, Glimmer and your Iron Banner or House of Wolves weapon equipped. Once your weapon is equipped, the option to reforge your weapon will appear. You may need to back out of the store menu to refresh any changes. Select the "Reforge Weapon" option and you will receive your reset weapon. 

I pressed the "Reforge Weapon" button and nothing happened.
If you are afraid that your weapon has not been reset, please check your weapon in your inventory before attempting to reforge once more. 

My elemental damaged changed after I reforged my weapon!
This can happen with reforging as elemental damage is a node added to your weapon. If you dislike the elemental damage on your weapon, reforging is unlimited provided you have the materials to reforge. Please note that all progress and ascension is reset with each reforge. 

I accidentally reforged my weapon, can I get my upgrade materials back?
We do not provide services to grant back materials. Please be careful when you perform any of the above actions.
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