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Destiny Trial and Demo FAQ
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Beginning June 23, 2016, the Destiny Demo will no longer be available for Legacy consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). Additional information may be found below.
Trial Mode will continue to be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Q: Is the Destiny Demo still playable?
A:The Destiny Demo will no longer be available starting June 23, 2016.

The Destiny Demo will be removed from the PlayStation Store, as well as Xbox Live Marketplace.
Players who have previously downloaded the Destiny Demo will be met with "Destiny Servers Offline" messaging when attempting to play.

Q: What is the Destiny Trial?
A: The Destiny Trial is a free, limited-access way for players to sample the Destiny experience. Player progress and experience are carried over to the full game, as long as the full game is being accessed with the same account that had previously played the Destiny Trial. The Destiny Trial is not required to purchase the Destiny full game.
Q: What does the Destiny Trial include?
A: The Destiny Trial includes:
• Character creation and progression to Level 7, which carries over to the full version of the game should you decide to purchase a retail copy of Destiny
• Five Story Missions set in Old Russia
• Access to the Tower
• “The Devil's Lair” 3-player cooperative Strike

Q: How do I obtain the Destiny Trial?
A: The Destiny Trial is only available for digital download. It can be found on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store on PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE respectively.
Q: How much disk space is required?
A: The Destiny Trial is approximately the same size as the full retail version of Destiny. See below for approximate download sizes.

The Destiny Trial on PlayStation 4 requires up to 40 GB of disk space
The Destiny Trial on Xbox One requires up to 40 GB of disk space
Q: Will my character progress and experience be transferred if I decide to purchase the full game?
A: Yes, assuming you purchase the full retail copy of Destiny on the same console platform family you had previously played the Destiny Trial on. For example, you may not transfer your progress from the Destiny Trial on Xbox ONE to the full retail version of Destiny on PlayStation 4.

Character progress is always shared automatically when accessed on consoles within the same console family. Simply make sure you are logging in on the same account.

Q: How do I upgrade to the full game?
A: The Destiny Trial on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can be upgraded via the in game menu. You may not be required to download the full retail game or purchase a disc. If you encounter an issue where the full game is not showing up, you may need to restore your licenses. 

Q: Is my console compatible with the full Destiny game?
A: For details on console compatibility, please view the following help article: IS MY CONSOLE COMPATIBLE WITH DESTINY?
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