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I cannot download the recent patch due to a full hard drive or low memory space.
All Platforms
This issue is due to a new method of patching. In order to condense our smaller patches, we have bundled them into a large Compat Pack.  Some consoles need to remove certain files to properly download the Compat Pack.

Xbox 360
After you download the newest pack, please follow these instructions:
1.       Navigate to System Settings.
2.       Select Storage.
3.       Select Destiny.
4.       Choose Compat Pack 01 and press delete.

NOTE: The newest patch must be downloaded onto the Xbox 360 hard drive

PlayStation 3
Players will need to delete the entire game, and then reinstall it.
1.      Navigate to the Playstation XMB by pressing the PS button on your controller.
2.      Go to the Game column.
3.      Go to Game Data Utility and select Destiny.
4.      Delete the game.
5.      Re-install Destiny and download the patch.

If these instructions do not help fix the damaged content issue, please uninstall and re-install Destiny.

If you are receiving the BOAR error, you may be losing connection to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live services while downloading the patch. Furthermore, accidentally canceling the download can trigger a BOAR error. If you are afraid the install has halted, please navigate to the Active Downloads/Download Management window to view the progress bar before canceling the download.

Additionally, there are reports of BOAR errors while using a wireless connection. If you are having difficulty obtaining the Compat Pack, please attempt a wired connection if possible since this is a very large patch and losing connection will stop the download without an option to resume. If you get into this state, please delete and restart the download process.

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