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Re-installing Destiny
All Platforms
Sometimes Destiny can get in a state where re-installing is the best way to have a clean slate and remove any issues. 

Common issues that require re-installing:

• Stuck on a frozen or indefinite loading screen
• Encountering a consistent crash in game
• Accessing items or content that cannot be resolved by restoring licenses
• Swapping from a physical to digital, or vice versa
• Getting stuck in Trial mode if you have not deleted the Trial mode before purchasing the full game

When proceeding through re-install steps:  

•USB flash memory and external hard drives are not supported for Destiny, regardless of storage space.  Destiny must be installed to an officially supported internal or attached Hard Drive.
•We advise clearing the cache of your console before reinstalling Destiny. For steps on how to do this, please follow this link to our Help Guide.

Please see the steps below for each console on how to re-install Destiny.

PlayStation 4

How to remove Destiny from your PS4:
1. Turn on your PS4 system.
2. Sign into PSN.
3. Press up on the D-pad and navigate to the Settings menu.
4. Click on the System Storage Management menu
5. Click on the Applications menu
• Press the OPTIONS key while Destiny is highlighted.
• Select Delete.
• Press Select All.
• Select Delete to delete the selected application.

6. Press OK to ensure you want to delete the selected application.
7. After a brief moment, the game will be completely removed from your hard drive.

How to install Destiny to your PS4:

With a disc:
1. Turn on your PS4 system.
2. Sign into PSN.
3. Insert the game disc into the disc drive.
• Installation should begin automatically.
• A progress bar will appear while the game is being installed on your hard drive.
• The progress bar will go away after a couple seconds, which does not indicate the game is installed. 
• Installing a game to your console hard drive may take several minutes.
4. Press the Destiny icon on the home screen to launch the game.

Without a disc:
1. Select your local user account and press down on the control pad to access the Content Area menu and go to Library.
2. Select the game you want to download (game add-ons are in a ‘folder’ with the main title) and press the X button. Play as You Download is available in selected games. This means that you can choose which part of the game you want to download first and start playing before the download is complete.
3. You will be taken to the content screen. Select ‘Download’ and press X button.

Updating Destiny on your PS4:
1. Ensure Destiny is closed, then press the PS button located on your controller to return to the home screen.
2. Select the Notifications menu located at the top left of the home screen.
3. Click on Downloads.
• Press X on the “Destiny Update File” icon.
• Press X to Update Now.
• The update will begin automatically.

4. The game is ready to play once the update finishes installing.

PlayStation 3

How to remove Destiny from your PS3:

1. Turn on your PS3 system.
2. Under the Game column in the XMB, select Game Data Utility.
• Press X and highlight Destiny.
• Press triangle for options.
• Press Delete to delete the game data.
3. Press X to ensure you want to delete the selected data.
• It may take some time to remove the game. 
4. Press back once finished.

How to install Destiny to your PS3:
1. Turn on your PS3 system.
2. Sign into PSN.
3. Insert the game disc into the disc slot.
4. Under the Game column in the XMB, find Destiny and press X to launch the game and begin installing.
• You will be prompted to install an update. Press X to continue
• Two progress bars will flash across your screen as the update downloads and installs to your console.

5. The Destiny log in screen will appear. Press X to log-in and begin the game update.
• Your console will automatically begin the update process.

6. After the update installs, a purchase confirmation window will appear. 
• Please note, you are not being charged for this update. Press Order & Pay to begin downloading and installing the Destiny Compatibility Pack.
• Press X to download the Destiny Compatibility Pack.

7. The update will download and then install to your console.
8. Destiny will be ready to play after the update finishes installing.

Xbox One

How to Install/Re-install on Xbox One:
Please follow the link for steps on how to re-install your game: Xbox One

Xbox 360

How to Install/Re-install on Xbox 360:
Please follow the link below for steps on how to reinstall your game:  Xbox 360

Note: In some cases, during reinstallation on the Xbox 360, this installation process may 'loop' and, rarely, produce a BEAGLE error code. In these situations, please install the game via the Xbox 360 “Install To Hard Drive” feature, instead of letting Destiny do the install.

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