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I keep receiving an online permissions or profile sign in error that doesn't have a code name attached to it.
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If you are receiving the error message "Your permissions to access online multiplayer may have changed or your profile may have been signed in elsewhere." you may be encountering different issues. This error can be triggered a number of ways:
  • You don't have an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus account, or the subscription has expired 
  • You have signed into another console
  • You are experiencing Xbox Live or PlayStation Network connection issues
  • If you have switched your PS4 connection from wired to wireless (or vice versa), confirm your connection settings on your console.
    • For example: if you had previously used wireless to connect the system and you plug in a cable directly, it will continue to use that until you re-run the network setup

Some solutions may be as simple as restoring your PlayStation licenses, renewing your expired Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus account, ensuring you are signed into the online services, confirming your network connection, or signing out of any other consoles. Unfortunately, if it is an Xbox Live or PlayStation Network connection issue it may require some time for the services to come back online.

If none of these issues are happening and you are still seeing this error, please make a post on the #Help forums.  

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