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Destiny will undergo server maintenance tomorrow (3/23) starting at 9 AM PDT with no expected downtime for players.
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Players will not be able to advance their character level beyond Level 34 if they do not own Destiny: The Taken King.

Character level is determined by the cumulative experience awarded to a character from playing Destiny. The current level cap was extended to Level 40 in Destiny: The Taken King. To increase this number, simply continue playing Destiny content. 

Character level is different than Light level, which is determined by the weapon Attack and armor Defense values of gear that is equipped on a character. To increase this number, obtain new weapons and armor or Infuse your current gear with weapons and armor that have higher Attack and Defense values. For more information on Light level, and Infusing weapons and armor, please see our guide on Infusing Year 2 Weapons and Armor.

For more information on where to purchase Destiny: The Taken King, please see the following link:
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