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Linking and Unlinking Destiny accounts to a Profile
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ATTENTION: To prevent players from losing access to profiles, we have temporarily limited Account Linking functionality. Players will be unable to link a PlayStation or Xbox account that is already linked to an active profile.

Stay tuned to @BungieHelp on twitter for further announcements.

What is a User Profile?

This is your profile created on You attach authentication methods to access your User Profile.
What is an "authentication method?"
An authentication method is how you sign into your profile. You can use a PlayStation, Microsoft, or Blizzard account as an authentication method. These are the "keys" to access your account.
How do I change my password on does not provide a method of resetting platform account passwords. These passwords must be changed through the support website of that platform, which are hyperlinked below. Once a platform account password has been changed, login to with your platform account credentials, using this new password.
How do I add an authentication method to my User Profile?
Once signed in to, go to your Settings page and click "Linked Accounts." Click on the appropriate "link" to authenticate it. Simply sign in with that new authentication method and it will become linked.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one of each type of platform account may be added to a profile. A profile may have up to one PSN ID, one Xbox Gamertag, AND one Blizzard BattleTag linked, but can not have multiples of any. Furthermore, PlayStation Network accounts may require more details, such as a creation of a PSN ID, before the account may be linked.
How do I remove an authentication method from my User Profile?
Sign into, go to your Settings page and click "Linked Accounts". Simply click "Unlink" next to the associated authentication method and that authentication method will be removed. You cannot unlink an authentication method which you are currently signed in with.
I have two User Profiles, how do I combine/merge my login methods together?
Data from the abandoned profile will not merge with your primary profile, only your credentials are moved. You also risk leaving no authentication method at all associated with your other profile, which means you can never access it. Make sure this is what you intend to do.

1.       Decide on the User Profile that you're going to use.
2.       Sign in to your preferred User Profile.
3.       Link the authentication method used to access the other profile. You will be asked to confirm that you want to move the authentication method from the old profile. Confirm your decision.
I haven't been to the site in a while and I just signed in and I was forced to create a new User Profile. 
This behavior can occur when signing in with a different authentication method from the one originally used to create your User Profile. In order to access your original profile, you will need to sign in with the original authentication method used.
How do I change the PSN ID, Xbox Gamertag, or Blizzard BattleTag linked to my User Profile?
Remove the PSN, Xbox Live, or Blizzard authentication method that you're going to swap out for the new one. This will require that you have an alternative authentication method from the opposite platform linked to you Bungie User Profile. Then follow the above steps to add your new PSN, Xbox Live, or Blizzard authentication method to your User Profile. 
I unlinked my authentication method, but when I tried to link it again, it took me to the account creation screen.
If you are being prompted to create a new account, you likely inadvertently started the account creation process. Exit that process, and please try again by signing back in with a different authentication method, which is linked your profile.
How do I verify my User Profile?
This is managed through Settings > Notifications and Email. From there, you can change the contact email address that you wish to be addressed by Bungie. To go to your Settings page, you may also click here.

Simply change the email address to one that you want, and you will be sent an automated email from Bungie. It may take up to 24 hours to receive the verification email. Please ensure that you are checking your spam or junk folders, when looking for this email. 

Click on the "Verify Now" link in the email and you'll be redirected back to You can also check the verification status from the same menu.
I logged into using Xbox Live and received a message that Bungie needs access to my Microsoft account. has moved to new authentication technology provided by Microsoft. Even though this new technology puts you in control of your Microsoft account, it does require you to grant permission to Bungie. 
Here are the permissions you are asked to give to
  • Sign-in to Xbox Live and access and update your Xbox Live Account and interact with the Xbox Live service on your behalf. 
  • Access your Xbox Live info anytime
These are the minimum permissions we need in order to provide the following two services:
  • Sign in to with a linked Microsoft Account and Xbox Live Gamertag.
  • Get your Xbox Live friends list when you are signed into

I don't want to grant these permissions to Bungie, what can I do? 
Microsoft lets you change your mind and revoke permissions you previously granted. Visit this link:

From here you can see all of the apps and websites that you have at some point given permissions to access your Microsoft account. You can visit each, including, and select “Remove these permissions.” 

PLEASE NOTE: Revoke permission to will prevent you from accessing your profile. If you wish to continue accessing your profile, as well as Destiny Companion features, do not revoke permission to in your Microsoft account.

Please note the following changes that have been made to authentication: 
  • Account linking and account creation with Google has now ceased.  
  • Microsoft Accounts without linked Gamertags cannot be linked or used create a new profile. This is being done so we can start showing Xbox One friends on your Companion App.
  • Account linking and account creation with Facebook has now ceased.
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