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Creating, Linking, and Recovering Profiles
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PC Profile Creation

Authentication methods – How to sign in to

First, players must have a valid PlayStation, Xbox, or Account in order to create a profile. Additionally, players will be required to have a valid Destiny Character created with a level of 4 in order to engage in forums.

For steps on how to create authentication methods for the preferred gaming platform, follow these links:

Once an Authentication method is available, you may proceed through the profile creation flow. Destiny characters and data will be tied to the authentication method, and appear on when linked.

How to change passwords for authentication methods does not provide a method of resetting authentication method passwords. These passwords must be changed through the support website of that authentication method.

How to validate an Email address: Subscribing to Bungie communications and news alerts

Steps for validating an Email address will vary, depending on whether you’re creating a new account or returning to For both cases, please see the following Help Article: Email Validation on

Linking additional authentication methods

Adding or Linking authentication methods to a profile

If a player engages with Destiny 2 on multiple platforms, they may wish to link multiple authentication methods to a single profile. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to with the original authentication method
    2. Visit the Settings page
    3. Click "Accounts & Linking."
    4. Click "Link" next to the desired authentication method

PLEASE NOTE: Only one of each type of platform account may be added to a profile. A profile may have up to one PSN ID, one Xbox Gamertag, AND one Blizzard BattleTag linked, but cannot have multiples of any. Furthermore, PlayStation Network accounts may require more details, such as a creation of a PSN ID, before the account may be linked.

Unlinking an authentication method

If a player wishes to remove an authentication method, they may follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to using the authentication method that is NOT being removed.
    2. Proceed to the Settings page and click "Accounts & Linking"
    3. Click "Unlink" next to the appropriate authentication method to be removed.

Players will be required to authorize the unlinking request using the authentication E-mail and password of the account that is being unlinked. If there is a single Authentication method tied to a profile, it may only be removed by merging with another profile. For steps on how to do this, please see below.

Moving authentication methods from multiple profiles to a single profile

Players who have created multiple profiles may choose to move all authentication methods to a single profile.
    1. Sign in to the preferred User Profile using the account credentials that are currently tied to that account
    2. Proceed to the Settings page
    3. Link the authentication method used to access the other profile. You will be asked to confirm that you want to move the authentication method from the old profile. Confirm the decision.
If a player moves all authentication methods to the wrong profile, they may recover the desired profile by following the steps listed below. Profile Recovery

Reclaiming a profile that has been closed or lost through account linking

If a player has lost access to a profile by removing all associated authentication methods, they may proceed through the following steps to reclaim their account:
    1. Identify the authentication method used to create the profile that was closed or lost
    2. Ensure the authentication method has been unlinked from any active profiles
    3. Click "Create a new account" and use the account credentials that were originally linked to the desired account
    4. Select "Recover" next to the desired profile and complete the account reclamation process, which may be identified by profile membership ID's or join dates

Please note the following:
  • For a profile to be recovered, it cannot be linked to any active authentication methods. If linked, it will not be presented to the player during the account recovery flow.
  • Players will have up to 90 days to recover lost or closed profiles. After 90 days, this process will be unavailable.


Microsoft Authentication Security has moved to new authentication technology provided by Microsoft, which requires permissions be granted to Bungie for Microsoft Credentials to be used during the sign-on or account creation process. requires the following permissions:

    • Sign-in to Xbox Live and access and update the Xbox Live Account and interact with the Xbox Live service. 
    • Access Xbox Live info anytime

These are the minimum permissions needed in order to provide the following two services:

    • Sign in to with a linked Microsoft Account and Xbox Live Gamertag.
    • View Xbox Live friends list when signed in to

If a player wishes to revoke these permissions, follow this link:

PLEASE NOTE: Revoking permission to will prevent access to a profile or any features on tied to Destiny characters.

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