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Getting Steady: Reducing Packet Loss
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Q: How can I make the most of my current connection?
Destiny creates connections between your console, Bungie's servers, and other players in a unique way. Network performance is affected by several factors.

  • For the best Destiny experience, wired internet provides a more stable connection, whereas WiFi may lead to issues.
  • We recommend that you enable UPnP on your home network or, if necessary, configure Port Forwarding.
  • While playing Destiny, it may be necessary to avoid file-sharing, video streaming, or other bandwidth-intensive tasks on any device connected to your network. This also includes multitasking on your console.

Q: What is packet loss?
Packet loss is when information is lost on the way from its source to its destination. Sometimes this information will be resent after a delay, while other times it will just be discarded as new information comes in.

Q: What causes packet loss?
Packet loss usually indicates faulty hardware or a damaged/weak connection. There are, however, a few cases where packet loss can occur due to poor network design. Here are some of the most common causes of packet loss:

  • Modem signal level: Your modem requires a signal that’s not too high or too low in order to function properly. Each type of modem has a different optimal signal range. If the signal from your ISP falls outside this range, you may experience disconnects or other performance problems that seem to occur randomly, due to small amounts of unreadable data. Keep in mind that your signal levels may be fine when you’re not actively using your network, but can change when you’re playing a game like Destiny.
    • Try contacting your ISP to request that they check your signal levels while playing Destiny. Make sure you’re pushing your modem as hard as you can while the tests are run
  • Damaged hardware: If any of the network hardware between your console, Bungie’s servers, or other players is damaged it can introduce packet loss. This damage may not always be apparent.
    • Try bypassing or replacing network devices in your home. You may also want to contact your ISP to ask about issues with infrastructure hardware in your neighborhood
  • Network congestion: Sometimes when a network is being over-used, in order to prevent a catastrophic failure some packets will be dropped completely. This can occur on your home network or the public internet.
    • To improve performance on your home network, remove other devices from your network, stop downloads, or otherwise reduce the workload on your router
  • WiFi: Interference from other wireless networks, other WiFi devices, and household appliances can briefly interrupt the wireless connection between your console and router. Wireless networks will have minor fluctuations in signal strength naturally, so if you’re running near the limits of your WiFi you can experience regular packet loss.
    • Switch to a wired connection whenever possible.

Q: What should I do if I can't plug in and need to use WiFi?
A properly configured modem and router is critical for getting the best WiFi connection possible. This can mean power-cycling or resetting your wireless router. Search online for your particular hardware setup to get the best troubleshooting steps.

You might need to contact your Network Administrator if you didn't set up the internet yourself or if you're connecting to a shared network such a University or Corporate network.

Finally, check out the wireless troubleshooting guide for your console using the links below:

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