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Destiny Audio Guide
All Platforms
Our recommendations for getting an optimal audio experience with Destiny:

For all platforms, we recommend setting your system audio to play through headset or headset only for optimal experience with our in-game settings. 

Once you have your system set as described above, you now have a choice in how you’d prefer to experience voice chat in Destiny. To set this, go to the Character screen in game, then tab right to Settings
  • Blended – Voice chat is heard through the speakers as well as through the headset.  This option includes in-game proximity and reverb effects. This is a great option for many players, but you may experience problems when using this setting with gaming headphones or you may experience audio feedback through your speakers.
  • Headset Only (default) – voice chat will be heard only through your gaming headset.
  • Speakers Only – Voice chat will only be heard through your speakers or gaming headphones. This option includes in-game proximity and reverb effects.

In addition, please follow these guidelines for the best audio experience when playing Destiny:
  • PlayStation 4: Make sure your system settings set to Chat Audio for optimal use with in-game audio.
  • PlayStation 3: Make sure your system output device is set to USB Headphone, Bluetooth Headphone, or whichever audio device appears, and your in-game settings should apply correctly.
  • Xbox 360: Set your system audio settings to Headset Only for the best audio experience with any in-game settings.
  • Xbox One: Since the Xbox One lacks any system settings regarding voice chat and audio, you may choose any in-game settings you wish for the optimal audio experience.

A few other notes regarding audio:
  • Astro and Turtle Beach headphones may need to be set up differently on the PS4 if you would like to use them for chat audio. Astro and Turtle Beach headphones use a mixamp, and when you are not using the mixamp, they do not function as standard Stereo headsets.  
    When set up properly, using the “Chat Audio” setting on the PS4, you will want to have either Headset or Blended selected in game to get chat audio through the headset.
For more information, please go to the PS4 audio setup guides for Astro and Turtle Beach headphones.
  • Using XP Seven Turtle Beach headphones without the Audio Control Unit will cause players in front of you to be quiet, and you will not hear players when switched over to radio mode (i.e. when the speaker is not close to the player).
  • Make sure your system audio settings match your physical setup. Using system sound settings set to 5.1 or 7.1 on a sound system that only supports stereo (e.g. Samsung TV UN22F5000) will make players behind you quiet.
  • Make sure that platform audio output matches your audio system channel configuration. If you’re only using two speakers or your television speakers, set your platform configuration to Stereo.

Additionally, Update 1.1.2 introduced several audio settings to Destiny. These including Game Volume, Chat Volume, and Music. 

Game Volume
Game Volume adjusts all in-game dialogue, sound effects, and music as one cohesive unit in a range from 0% to 100%.

Chat Volume
Chat Volume is a setting that allows you to adjust the volumes of your Fireteam members from 50% up to 125%. These settings only apply to the chat audio coming out of your TV or headphones, not your chat headset. If you're in a Party Chat, these settings will have no effect, as Party Chat settings are dictated by the console. 

Please Note: Chat Volume adjustments do not affect how other players perceive your voice. It is only for how you wish to hear them.

There is no adjustment for the volume level of game music, by itself. The setting is to either have the music 'Not Muted (Default)' or 'Muted'. The music in the pre-rendered cinematics is un-affected by this setting.

Please Note: Game Volume setting will change the Music volume, in tandem with in-game dialogue and sound effects. 
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