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Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies
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Q: What does it mean to receive a message that says that my account or device has been restricted or banned?
A: If a player receives a message that references an account or device restriction, they have temporarily lost game access, at either the account or hardware level. Players who receive an Account Restriction may resume participation in Destiny activities once the restriction has ended. Players who receive a Device Restriction will be unable to play Destiny on that hardware until the restriction has ended.

If a player receives a message that references an account or device ban, they have permanently lost game access, at either the account or hardware level.

PLEASE NOTE: When losing access to specific activities, players may also lose access to gear and items associated with that activity. 

   This can include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Consumables
  • Bounties
  • Missions
  • Vanity items
  • Guided Games
  • DLC/Expansion Content

Q: What behavior can lead Bungie to apply restrictions or bans to a player or device?
A: Bungie regards the following behavior to be in breach of the license agreement that governs Destiny, and therefore potentially subject to access restrictions.

   This behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Connecting to the Destiny game service with any of the following:
    • Modified game software
    • Modified game assets
    • Modified hardware
    • Modified console firmware
  • Using an external program to modify the operation of the Destiny game software, such as:
    • Trainers, mods, cheats, aimbots, or autofire.
    • User mode or kernel debuggers
    • Graphics hacks
    • Sending malicious network traffic to Destiny servers
  • Using an external program or device to automate gameplay or circumvent idle detection.
  • Modification or interruption of Destiny network traffic with intent to disrupt other players’ experiences, or to gain an advantage in the game.
  • Intentionally deriving gameplay benefit from another user’s behavior in the above categories.
  • Unauthorized access to Destiny software or downloadable content (game piracy).
  • Impersonating a Bungie, Microsoft, Sony, Blizzard, or Activision employee.
  • Online behaviors disruptive to the experiences of others, such as:
    • Hate speech, griefing, message spamming, habitual unsportsmanlike conduct, habitual quitting or idle behavior in matchmade activities, or intentionally deleting another player’s items or characters by logging in with their account credentials.

Additionally, Bungie may issue restrictions or bans to accounts that have consistent unstable connections when playing Destiny, as this negatively impacts other players. For steps on how to stabilize your network and connection quality, please follow our Network Troubleshooting Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: Bungie reserves the right to permanently ban Destiny accounts or player hardware that have been confirmed as repeat offenders. Activity bans or restrictions may be escalated to device bans after multiple confirmed offenses.

Q: What can lead Bungie to apply restrictions or bans to a player's game hardware?
Consoles or PCs which have been identified as being used by multiple players who have received a Destiny restriction or ban may be subject to a device ban. A device may also be banned if it has been detected to have modified hardware, software, or firmware, as listed above.

No account will be able to participate in activities in Destiny on a banned device, regardless of the individual account ban status. 

Q: Where can a player go to dispute a Ban or Restriction applied to their Destiny account?
A: There are no options to dispute or overturn account restrictions or bans. Permanent account bans are only implemented with rigorous checking to ensure that the innocent are not punished alongside the guilty. Bungie does not comment on or discuss individual account restriction or bans.

Restrictions are temporary, and will not be overturned or undone before they expire. Once an account is banned however, that ban is permanent. Account restrictions and bans are only done in extreme cases; if actions were taken against your account, then it was with reason. 

We take actions to preserve the experience of all our Destiny players, and do not take account restrictions lightly. You are responsible for your online account and console hardware, and any actions taken in the world of Destiny, so please be careful who you allow to access your Destiny account.
Q: What are some common behaviors that Bungie believes are legitimate, and will not cause a user to be restricted or banned?
A: Bungie views the following behavior to be legitimate.

   This behavior includes:
  • Using static analysis to reverse engineer data formats for the purpose of viewing game assets extracted out of the data files. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Runtime analysis is not permitted and could result in an account or device ban.
  • Publishing or sharing information about Destiny and/or its game assets via any non-commercial means.
  • Accessing the publicly-facing and Companion web APIs in a manner that does not create an unreasonable load on these services.

Q: I just stumbled upon this page and am now worried I might have a pending restriction or ban. Do I have anything to worry about?
A: Nope! Bungie will not punish you for just playing the game. Fun is encouraged in many forms; if it’s fun for you to dance on someone’s head in the Tower, spam grenades in Crucible matches, or just climb a cliff in the open world and sit for hours enjoying the gorgeous view, go for it! 

It’s your choice on how to have the most fun in Destiny. If you’re merely playing the game, then you aren’t doing anything wrong. 

If you find an exploit, we want to know about it in the #Help forums. Don’t be scared; we won’t be upset if you found a way to make something weird happen. Let us know about it, so we can fix it to ensure we give everybody the best experience possible!

Q: I purchased a used console or PC and it shows that I'm banned. What does that mean?
A: If you purchase a used console or PC that has previously been banned, you will not be able to connect to Destiny using that console or PC.

Q: Where do I go to request a player receive a restriction or ban from Destiny?
A: If you believe you've encountered a player manipulating connection or content, please use our in game Report Tool.

For instructions on how you may accomplish this, please see this Help Article.

Players who are unable to use the in-game Report Tool for any reason may report them via this Contact Form.

Q: I was restricted/banned immediately after being disconnected from Destiny with Error Code Weasel. Did I get restricted/banned for disconnecting?
A: When receiving a ban or restriction players will be disconnected from Destiny services and receive Error Code Weasel as part of the process of applying the ban or restriction. This is expected and does not indicate that you have been banned or restricted due to disconnection.

Q: I received a restriction or ban in Destiny 1. Will I be banned in Destiny 2?
A: No. Players who receive a restriction or ban in Destiny 1 will not be banned in Destiny 2, unless they also have a ban or restriction applied for that title. However, players that have ever been banned or restricted in any Bungie game are considered high-risk players. High-risk players are eligible for bans and restrictions at lower thresholds than players who have never been banned or restricted.
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