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Error Code: BOAR
All Platforms
If you are receiving the BOAR error, you may be losing connection to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live services while downloading any patches or attempting to load content. Furthermore, accidentally canceling the download can trigger a BOAR error. If you are afraid the install has halted, please navigate to the Active Downloads/Download Management window on your system to view the progress bar before canceling the download.

Additionally, there are reports of BOAR errors while using a wireless connection. If you are having difficulty obtaining any patches or updates, please attempt a wired connection if possible since losing connection will stop the download without an option to resume. If you get into this state, please delete and restart the download process.

If you are not downloading a patch or update, it is possible you are experiencing a service issue. Service outages can mean limited or no connectivity to PlayStation or Xbox Live services that results in the BOAR error due to the content loading failing. 
To determine if you are hitting a service outage, please check the below links:
Xbox Live Service Status:
PSN Status:

PlayStation 3: If you are seeing BOAR, you may be having trouble connecting to the PlayStation®Store. Please verify that you are signed into PSN by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the PlayStation XMB by pressing the PS button on your controller.
  2. Go to the PSN column.
  3. Verify that you are logged in.
    • If you are logged in, you will not see a "Sign in" option.

Xbox 360: If you are experiencing error code BOAR when attempting to play Destiny while using external storage, please ensure that all content has been installed properly by following this Help Article:

Are you still seeing BOAR?
If you are seeing the BOAR error code, in some rare cases there may be a region mismatch between your account and the Destiny game. Please see the steps below for more information.
  1. Install Destiny.
  2. Before launching the game, create a new PSN account. Ensure that the region of your new PSN account matches the game's region.
  3. Launch Destiny to download the update.
  4. After the update is downloaded, sign out of your current account and back into your original PSN account.
  5. Launch Destiny.

Finally, you may see BOAR if you have more than two PS3s using the same PSN account. Information on how to activate/deactivate a system on the PlayStation®Network can be found here

If you continue to see this error message please delete, then re-install Destiny on your console.

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