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Destiny Content Vault: Year 5

Destiny Content Vault
Campaigns and Seasonal Narratives
Exotic Quests

Destiny Content Vault

With the launch of Year 5 on February 22, 2022, certain destinations, activities, and quests will be moved into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). Players will have until this date to experience all listed content before it becomes unavailable to access in-game.

For a list of all inventory items and quests being deprecated at the start of Year 5, please click here. For information about Year 4 DCV items, view our DCV article.

What is the DCV?

Each year older destination and activity content will be cycled out of the game and into the DCV to make room for new experiences for players. The DCV will contain all destinations and activities from both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, with the potential for vaulted content to return to the game in the future.

For more information on specific content moving to the Destiny Content Vault during Year 5, please select a category. 


Tangled Shore

Includes all locations, Lost Sectors, the Glykon, and Strikes except for the Warden of Nothing Strike which will be added to the Legends area in the Director.

H.E.L.M. Wings for the Eliksni and Awoken

Includes the Last City: Eliksni Quarter and Mara Sov's Chambers.

Campaigns and Seasonal Narratives



Seasonal Narratives

Season of the Hunt

Season of the Chosen

Season of the Splicer

Season of the Lost


Baron Hunts

Tangled Shore Public Events and Lost Sectors

Wrathborn Hunts

  • • Fallen Wrathbron, Savek
  • • Fallen Wrathborn, HKD-1
  • • Hive Wrathborn, Dul Arath
  • • Hive Wrathborn, Xillox
  • • Leader of the Wrathborn, the High Celebrant

Override Offensives

  • • Europa
  • • Moon
  • • Tangled Shore
  • • Last City


Hawkmoon will become available from Xûr's inventory every weekend.


Dead Man's Tale will become available from Xûr's inventory every weekend.


  • • Labyrinth and Corrupted Labyrinth
  • Styx and Corrupted Styx
  • • Tartarus and Corrupted Tartarus
  • • Delphi

Astral Alignment Offensive

Shattered Realm

  • • Forest of Echoes
  • • Debris of Dreams
  • • The Ruins of Wrath

Vanguard Strikes Playlist (replaced by Vanguard Operations)

The Vanguard Operations Playlist will consist of Strikes and Battleground Arenas.

Exotic Quests

The following exotic quests will no longer be available to complete, and all quests still in progress will be removed from player inventories. Weapons earned from these quests may continue to be earnable in-game by different means:

Quest Reward

Quest Name
Exotic Reward
Holliday Family History
Chaperone (the new quest is in Shaw Han's inventory)
As the Crow Flies Hawkmoon
Bird of Prey Radiant Accipiter Ship
The Voice on the Other Side Dead Man's Tale
Path of the Splicer Forbidden Memory Ship
Tracing the Stars Ager's Scepter
Wayfinder's Voyage Eternal Recurrence Sparrow

Activity Reward

Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale will not be available to acquire at the start of Year 5. Players will need to complete the associated activities to earn these weapons prior to February 22, 2022.

Activity Name Exotic Reward
Coup de Grâce
The Fourth Mark Ship
PresageDead Man's Tale
Shell of Gilgamesh Ghost Shell
Coup de Grâce
The Fourth Mark Ship

Completion Drop

Exotic Reward
Wanted Bounty CompletionsLord of Wolves
Reach Rank 21 at the War TableHigh Gravitas Ship

Triumph Reward

Triumph Exotic Reward
All the Scattered Pieces
Shell of Gilgamesh
Zeroneiro Shell
Devotee's Remnant
Reefborn Warbird Ship


Strike Location
BroodholdTangled Shore
The Hollowed Lair Tangled Shore


Vendor Location
Spider (currency exchange will move to Rahool) Tangled Shore
Petra Venj Tangled Shore
The Crow Tangled Shore
Umbral DecoderH.E.L.M.
Prismatic RecasterH.E.L.M.
Splicer Servitor H.E.L.M.
Wayfinder's Compass H.E.L.M.
Mara Sov Mara Sov's Chambers

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