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    The official Destiny Reset podcast group. The Destiny Reset Podcast is all about Destiny the game. Our goal is to form a positive community within the already amazing Destiny community. We hope this group can bring you all together to play and chat about the game. If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to email us at or tweet us @DestinyReset. Take care Guardians! #DRPfam #KeepItPositive #HoldtheSalt

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Edited by Spooooooky D: 8/11/2017 2:39:25 PM

Destiny 2 DRP Clan Plans - A Message from your DRP Admin Team

With recently announced changes to how clans will function in Destiny 2, we will seek to adapt and evolve our clan system to best fit our engaged membership. Moving forward into Destiny 2, our plan is as follows: 1. The original Destiny Reset Group/Clan will be retained as only a group, and its clan status will be retired. It will act as a portal on for existing and interested community members. 2. Existing "Subclans," those clans with designations such as "Destiny Reset Felwinter" will be completely retired and disbanded. In D1, these clans were able to form an "alliance" with the Prime clan and in turn use the "DRP" tag. This feature will not exist in Destiny 2. 3. 6 new clans will be created to house our currently active/engaged membership that wish to play together and receive "Clan Rewards" as promised for Destiny 2. 3 on XBox 1, and 3 on Playstation 4. They will be lead by 6 established community leaders, and will start out with a simple designation of "Destiny Reset (color)". The leaders are: Shotpackage (PS4): Destiny Reset Blue Mattiemisfit (PS4): Destiny Reset Purple Davis (PS4): Destiny Reset Green akaMannyg: (XB1): Destiny Reset Yellow JoeMieden: (XB1): Destiny Reset Red DarthDigits: (XB1): Destiny Reset Black 4. These clans will be console specific, and will adapt certain activity standards for membership. These guidelines will be announced in the near future, but essentially you should only join a clan if you plan to be an active member in Destiny 2. Clan membership in Destiny 2 will be limited to a total of 100 members. 5. Signups for existing DRPfam members will begin Friday, 8/11 and will extend through Friday, 8/18. A public google spreadsheet will be available for you to view and decide where you would like to enter as a member. We encourage you to discuss within your existing fire teams, raid teams, and social circles to decide who you plan to play with the most to maximize your clan rewards and experience. You can then sign up where you would like to reside. We will attempt to "load balance" the clans to ensure that they have room for growth after the launch of D2. If you would like to bring players that are not currently active or have never been active in the DRPfam community, you should first discuss their application with the leader of the clan you are planning to join. If you do not care/do not have established relationships to the available options, there will be a tab for "free agents" where we will place you in an available spot. 6. After signups have concluded, the clans will be created on and allow accepted members to join between 8/19-8/21. After 8/21, membership will close for a week. The clans will then be converted into Destiny 2 clans to prep for the new systems to go live after 8/23. 7.After a trial period post-D2 launch, clans will be allowed to elect a new name heading for their clan, to fit the format of "Destiny Reset (In-universe noun)". FAQ: Q: What about PC Clans when Destiny 2 releases in October? A: We will cross that bridge in October when we know more about how clans in Destiny 2 work and how many players in our community plan to play on PC. Q: What if I decide later that I would like to move to another DRP clan? A: We expect there may be some movement after people get settled, but we would like you to do your best to find a home now. If later you find you would like to join other DRP friends in their DRP clan, you will be welcome to do so if there is room. Q: Why do the clans have a color as their name? A: Our goal is to make the names of the clans, at least at the start, mostly neutral. We don't want people to join groups because of aversion to or preference for a certain class, name, designation, etc. It should be based primarily on relationships. Q: What if the 6 clans fill up? Will there be enough clans? A: Based on the number of current clan members and the number of active clan members, we believe these 6 clans will be sufficient to get us started. If we find otherwise, we have candidates for clan leaders and will react appropriately to ensure that everyone who wants to take part, can. Q: Will there be channels in Discord for each clan? Can we start a Discord server just for my clan? A: At the start, we will not have separate channels for each clan. We have been led to believe there may be a chat function in the new clan tools that clans can use to set up activities. If we find that they are in high demand, we will reconsider this. Our goal however is to ensure we still have unity across the DRPfam. People can still play with other outside their clans and so the existing LFG channels will remain as is for the near future. We have mandated that each clan will use this Discord server for their needs, to promote unity and keep things simple. Q: Do you love me Cyborg? A: Of course I do, baby. If you have further questions, we will be opening a "Clan Signups" channel tomorrow in our discord server (for discord link see "Welcome New Members - DRP / #DRPfam Link Hub (Discord Link)".) where you can ask any @#DRPfam Ambassador or @#DRPfam Admin Team for help. We look forward to a smooth and fun transition into Destiny 2 with you! [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been updated with tags that are more appropriate. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]

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