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    Dames of Destiny is a clan offering a safe, fun, supportive gaming environment for all women on all 4 consoles! Whether you are casual, hardcore or somewhere between we have a place for you in our ranks. You can find a sister in arms here! This is the X1 Dames clan. For other consoles please request here: 360- PS3- PS4-

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An Extreme Guild to the Black Spindle Daily

Hello guardians, This is my strategy for defeating the lost to light mission and getting black spindle: 1) Before you even start the mission, make sure you have enough heavy ammo synths for your exotic sword, sleeper, or heavy rl. You won't be killing a whole lot of enemies before you enter the timed area so it's a good idea to pop a synth after defeating the ogre, before you reach the timed area, and before you get into the boss room ( if you can't pop one as soon as your in the boss room, that's fine. Your actually ahead of schedule). 2) Once you defeat the ogre and you ghost loses connection with Cayde and eris, start running out of the oger room. Don't stop and kill the enemies. It's not like you are timed in this area but these enemies before the relic area are the least of your worries so there is no point. And if your whole team dies, the entrance to the taniks strike closes and you have to start the mission over again. 3) For the first relic room, one person should immediately grab the relic on the right side of the room. The other two people have to help distract the enemies from the relic carrier. A storm caller super or hammers ( that's if you have more then one Titan) is great for this room and you can make orbs for your team. 4) The second relic room is the hardest and where most teams might die from taken knights or the wizard. As soon as you enter the room, a bubble Titan should immediately pop a blessings bubble on the witch ( this is where a blinding bubble would be good but it isn't needed). The Titan should have an exotic solar or void sword or shotgun equip to take down the wizard and the other two knights on top. After those Knights and wizards are dead, two people can grab the relics in the room while the third takes out ads. 5) for the third relic room, just make a b-line to the entrance of the skolas strike. You ghost will say it's picking up a fallen signal. Before you take the "elevator" to the mission, pop another heavy synth so you have full swords. 6) Once you enter the first room of enemies, your timer will start. Take out both of the blights with snipers ( one in the front right and one in the back left). Then go after the centurion and Knights with your swords. You should be out of the room in ~30-45 seconds to maximize time. The second room is just a small hallway where some taken captains and vandals will appear. Take them out with swords. You should be almost 1 min in by the time your done. 7) Third room is the tough room. You want to clear it out as fast as possible and that can be hard due to the taken vandals and wizards. Immediately take out the three blights ( one in the back left, one in the front right and another in the back right) with your snipers. Then go after the wizards and acolytes. Once you killed those, take out the vandals up top by having two people jump up to the big balcony up top ( in case one person dies) and the third taking out the vandal on the opposite side. You should be out of that room with at least 7:30-6 mins to spare ( any later and it's a problem for the final room) after defeating a few enemies with your exotic swords before you enter the room of the taniks boss, pop a final synth if you can ( if you can't, you know your doing great on time :D). 8) the last room is obviously the hardest as you now have 6:30-5 mins left on your timer to clear out the boss and ads. The thing you have to remember is this for the final room: blights, shielded ads, ads, and boss. Every time a new wave of ads comes, IMMEDIATELY take down the blights before focusing on ads. Then use your solar and void exotic swords to take out the shielded ads that spawn and then the psions. Dps on the boss with your sniper and primary. Having a blessing bubble is best for this part as you can dip in and out while attacking the enemies with your swords. I find having a blessings bubble on the left side of the room is best. Storm callers, sunbreakers, and nightstakers are also good for clearing out the ads depending on how your team is set up. You should get past each wave of ads in 1-2 mins depending on how many of you guardians are dying. As there are four waves of ads, you should have enough time on your clock to defeat the boss. Two people can have their swords to clear ads while one person is on blight and dps control with a sleeper ( found this to be faster). This is my way of how to defeat the lost to light mission and grab your awesome black spindle for raids :D. I know there are many ways to defeat him, but this is what I try to do for my teams and I can get people through their first run. Hope you find this helpful :3. Edit: This is a guild I made for what weapons and subclass to use for this mission: Edit: Bumped for 6/12

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