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    Dames of Destiny is a clan offering a safe, fun, supportive gaming environment for all women on all 4 consoles! Whether you are casual, hardcore or somewhere between we have a place for you in our ranks. You can find a sister in arms here! This is the PS4 Dames clan. For other consoles please request here: X1- PS3- 360-

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originally posted in:Dames of Destiny PS4
5/15/2015 1:43:23 PM

How Was Your Evening?

Last night I had one of my best experiences in Destiny to date. No, I did not get some great new exotic. I did not solo Crota’s End. I did not have the ultimate killing spree in the Crucible. My experience came in the form of an unexpected join from someone on my Friends’ List. I was on Venus doing some bounties, trying to build up my vendor rankings before HoW drops, when suddenly I’m joined by someone from my Friends’ List. I have never played with this individual before and had previously accepted their Friend Invitation because their clan tag is for a neighboring clan that I follow and have played with before. Normally, when I or someone on my Friends’ List wants to team up, a message is sent out first to confirm availability and whether or not we want to team up together. In this case, there was no initial message, just an impromptu pop-in. Suddenly aware that I’ve been joined, I asked, “[i]Are you doing bounties[/i]?” and received the response, “[i]Yea, I can do bounties[/i]” from the voice of what I would estimate was a 6-8 year old. At this point I’m thinking that someone’s kid is using or sharing their parents account, but what the heck, I’ll go along with it and entertain a new teammate for a while. We had to visit the tower first so my new teammate could pick up some bounties and then off we go to the cosmodrome. After we land, the conversation went something like this: ME: [i] Let’s pick up a mission so we can complete our bounty[/i] FRIEND: [i]OK. I got one. Let’s kill the bad guys.[/i] FRIEND: [i]There’s a bad guy. I have to kill the bad guys. [/i] ME: [i]Yep. Get those bad guys.[/i] FRIEND: [i]Another bad guy! Oh no, don’t kill me. Bad guys! More bad guys![/i] ME: [i]Get them. Hurry before they get you. [/i] FRIEND: [i] I got them. Oh look, it’s a boomer. I got that Boomer. [/i](all the Knights were Boomers) ME: [i]Great job![/i] FRIEND: [i]Come here. Look at my gun. It’s really cool. Come over here and look at it.[/i] ME: [i]That is a cool looking gun.[/i] FRIEND: [i]Yea. It’s the[/i] (spells) [i]F.A.N.G. something I.L. I don’t know what that is. But, it’s really cool[/i] FRIEND: [i]I found a chest. Come here. You can’t open the chest till we’re both here.[/i] (This applied to ALL chests found) ME: [i] Oh look! It’s a drop ship. Let’s get those bad guys before they fall out of the ship. Do you have a rocket launcher on you?[/i] FRIEND: (Said very sincerely) [i] No. I don’t have a rocket launcher. I have a Gjallarhorn.[/i] ME: ROFL He was actually a pretty good player, and I had a great time. The evening reminded me that sometimes it’s not about getting the best exotics or the highest K/D ratio, but more about the connections we make and the camaraderie of the experience. I hope your evening was as enjoyable, fellow guardians!

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