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Yes the beta will be out first on the PS4, but..

Xbox 360


Playstation 3


Xbox One


Playstation 4


That just means that when it's over, the people playing on Xbox will still be playing. Probably for up to a week after. :P #EndTheHate Which console will you be playing the beta on? [spoiler]This seems to have started a mini console war, which was completely unintentional. Let me list a few reasons as to why I am confident that the length of the Beta will be EQUAL for both Xbox and Playstation users. 1)Bungie have stated time and time again that the Beta comes "First on Playstation." [i]First[/i] on Playstation? They use the word first. This implies ONE thing - that Playstation users will get their hands on the Beta for an undisclosed amount of time before Xbox users do. So what does this [i]not[/i] imply? [i]It does not imply that Playstation users get the Beta for a longer amount of time.[/i] I seem to be getting a lot of opposition about this fact from Playstation users. They are insisting that I am basing this on information that doesn't exists. But in reality if you are telling people with certainty that the Playstation Beta will be longer, based on the same evidence that I'm using for the opposite, than you are equally as wrong as I am. Bungie has never actually given a statement that says you will get a longer Beta. Does the above statement make me a 'jealous' or 'mad' Xbox fanboy? Hardly. Yes I will be participating in the Beta on my Xbox 360, but I would not be upset in the slightest if Bungie gave me a shorter Beta window than someone with a Playstation. I would feel privileged enough getting ANY hands-on time with the game. A Beta is, after all just that: a privilege. Bungie owes nothing to any of us. With that being said, let me move on to another reason why I believe that the Beta will be the same length for both Playstation and Xbox users. 2) When it comes to new games, especially games of this caliber, staggering a Beta to make sure the servers can handle it on all fronts is a KEY reason why the beta is performed. Aside from catching bugs, and receiving feedback, Bungie must make sure that their servers can handle the flux between all consoles. That is why I believe the Beta will be divied up into [u]three[/u] stages. Stage 1: It Invites the Playstation players in, by making them feel special with early access. It is a 'welcome to the Bungie community' type deal, and give them hands on experience with their games. The early beta access on the Playstation is an incentive for their new audience to become interested. This Early access is all about PROFIT. While this stage is going on, Bungie will be testing how the Sony PSN servers work with their own. Testing stability so that Playstation users can experience the game with 100% quality come release. Stage 2: After an undisclosed amount of time after the Playstation Beta has started, the Xbox Beta will be activated. This stage will serve as a stress test for the Bungie servers, and will probably be somewhat laggy and unstable for most people on several occasions. This will be the stage of the beta that most prepares them for the retail launch of the game. Stage 3: The Playstation beta gets turned off, allowing stability testing of just the Xbox players through the Xbox Live servers. It would make sure that the flux of players on Xbox Live are able to enjoy the game the way it was intended. It would also serve the purpose of showing the Xbox community [i]that made them what they are today[/i] that they have not been forgotten, and that they do not favor anyone. They are all about their fans. ALL of them. Now, a lot of people come here with the response: "Activision has a contract with Sony for Destiny, and with Microsoft for Call of Duty." This is a completely true statement, but what exactly does it mean? Once again "The Beta first on Playstation." "DLC First on Xbox." Nowhere does it say that Playstation users will be getting a longer Beta. So yes, the original post is my opinion. it is an EDUCATED opinion. One that I didn't just make up to start a flame war. If you have any concrete evidence that proves my opinion wrong, post it. Cite it. Before you tell the people of the Xbox Community that we are just mad and full of wishful thinking, at least make sure you have better evidence to prove YOUR point. That is all, sorry for the tl;dr. [/spoiler]

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