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Isabella - A Story-Driven RPG

For the most up-to-date information on Isabella, look here: [url=]Isabella - Official Feedback Thread[/url] [b]Introduction[/b] Isabella is an old-style RPG with a focus on story, characters, and addicting gameplay mechanics. The development team consists of myself, a couple of freelancers, and an unnamed (for the time being) producer. The game is in currently [i]early development[/i], so lots of details will be withheld until the mechanics and characters become more developed. [b]Story[/b] In the year 1837, the world of Terrae is being subjected to a perpetual battle between three warring nations: Insavance, Dryadalis, and Licentia. Dryadalis, the home of the elves, has technology that is far more advanced than that of its rival nations, thus putting Insavance and Licentia a few steps behind in the race for power. However, Licentia, a haven for criminals, has gathered a large and fierce army nearly capable of rivaling the machines of Dryadalis. This leaves Insavance, the home of the common human, with little to no protection against the other two nations. This sets the backdrop for our story, which begins in a small village in southern Insavance... Hal Kirkland is a 43-year-old retired mercenary who spends his days drinking and gambling in the cozy town of Salvum near Insavance's southern border. On a warm summer's eve, while Hal is drinking at his favorite haunt 'The Ballard Bar', he is approached by one of his old partners. The partner, Walter Conroy, offers Hal a high-paying contract. Hal hastily explains his retirement to his partner. However, Walter insists that Hal will want to take the job. "Hal, a girl's life in danger" says Walter as Hal is preparing to leave to smoke a cigar. Hal returns to Walter, sighs, then says, "tell me about the girl." Let's take a glance at Insavance's past, as the nation's history is crucial to our story. Insavance's government has had many leaders throughout the centuries. Insavance's current leader, John Patrick Vitam, was elected as President in the year of 1803. In 1816, John Patrick's wife inexplicably died from a strange illness. Maddened by the loss of his wife, John Patrick quickly changed the nature of his Presidency and became Insavance's first dictator. John Patrick declared himself as an 'Emissary of God' and changed the name of Insavance's government to 'The Modus'. In 1823, a rebel group called 'The Veritas', led by Solomon Clark, began to openly oppose the Modus and their religious pursuits. For the next ten years, Solomon and John Patrick battled for popularity in Insavance. John Patrick claimed that he was 'The Emissary' sent by God to turn Insavance into a utopia of religious and political unanimity. Meanwhile, Solomon challenged John Patrick's message, saying that 'The Emissary' was a fraud and a lunatic. This petty rivalry continued until 1833, when John Patrick created something called 'Spelldrinks.' These beverages imbued the drinker with a variety of magical properties. John Patrick began to arm the Modus with the Spelldrinks; almost immediately, 'The Emissary' launched an all-out attack on the Veritas headquarters. With no way to counter the Modus' newly-found powers, the Veritas were almost completely wiped out. With the Veritas out of the way, John Patrick was free to promote his 'Spelldrinks' to the general public as 'God's blessings in a bottle'. Minor Spelldrinks were sold to the general public while the Modus armed themselves with much more powerful versions of the magical beverages. Four years later in 1837, rumors of war are beginning to spread. Insavance is heavily outmatched by Dryadalis and Licentia, but John Patrick assures the populace that the Spelldrinks will ensure safety from the rival nations. Now, back to our hero. Walter explains the job to Hal: a group of thugs have captured the daughter of a high-priority client. Hal needs to find the thugs' hideout, rescue the girl, and bring her to a city called 'Relicum' near Modus City in the north. "Her name is 'Isabella'. Make sure she gets there in one piece" advises Walter. Hal bids his friend farewell and embarks on a journey that will challenge his beliefs, test his resolve, and change his life - forever. [b]Characters[/b] [url=]Hal Kirkland[/url] - Retired Mercenary Hal is a retired mercenary who's a little rough around the edges. He spent most of his youth gambling, drinking, smoking, and involving himself with questionable mercenary work. Now that he's retired, he just gambles, drinks, and smokes. He's no stranger to love and loss, a fact that shows in his piercing, scrutinizing gaze. The few but noticeable wrinkles on his face reflect years of wear and tear; his unshaven jaw serves as a testament to his self-loathing nature. "What the hell is so interesting about those books? I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not paying for a library card so you can sit at the inn and read all day." [url=]Isabella Vitam[/url] - Damsel in Distress Isabella's spunky, go-lucky attitude serves as a suitable cover for her immense fear of what lies ahead. Her baby-blue eyes are filled with wonder as she explores the world around her. Isabella's smile can melt the heart of any man; the elegant shape of her face houses a wonderful assortment of expressions. She possesses wisdom beyond her years, which is both useful and irritating to those around her. "Just two books? Please? We're days away from Relicum. What else am I supposed to do while you're keeping me awake with your incessant [i]snoring[/i]?" John Patrick Vitam - (this character is under construction) Solomon Clark - (this character is under construction) Walter Conroy - (this character is under construction) Leona Lannigan - (this character is under construction) Scarlet - (this character is under construction) Subjects 7 and 8 - (these characters are under construction) Elayna - (this character is under construction) [b]Screenshots[/b] [url=]Walking Test[/url] - This image was taken during an animation test. (more to come) [b]External Links[/b] (coming soon) [b]Additional Information[/b] 'Isabella' is a story-driven, old-style RPG that is set for a commercial release in 2015. Isabella has an array of completely unique, visually stunning characters, courtesy of [url=]Hollow's[/url] art skills. Other credits go to: [spoiler] [url=]ValerianaSTOCK[/url] for the title background. [url=]Mack/LooseLeaf[/url] for the sprites and tiles in the screenshot. [url=]Celianna[/url] for the tiles in the screenshot. (more to come)[/spoiler] Want to support this project? Put this banner in your facebook, twitter, or forum posts (so long as it's allowed in the given forum): [url=]Isabella Banner[/url] Wearers of this banner (and contributors to the project) will be written on a little sheet of paper - users on the list will be chosen at random to receive special bonuses, such as early betas, special wallpapers, in-game shout-outs, etc. If you're wearing the banner, or have promoted this project on your blog, twitter, Facebook, etc, message me or e-mail me ( so I don't accidentally overlook you! Thank you for taking the time to read about this project. More information will be provided as the project progresses through the various stages of development. Did this project pique your interest? By all means, give us your feedback, and stay tuned!

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