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originally posted in:Programmers and Devs
Edited by Glitch100: 8/28/2013 7:41:43 AM

Group Game Project - (Regarding SolidSnakes original post)

Unfortunately he is no longer able to go through with the project and cannot support it. However I know many of you did want to help with a project or even commit to something greater in terms of video game design, be it learning or contributing resources. So I am setting up this post for people to state any interest they have and what area it is in, I will then update this main post periodically which will display everyones potential roles. If anyone feels they could handle the original game collab that SolidSnake started out on, then do say and we can coordinate something from there for the group! Please post in this syntax, if registering interest: [quote] Skype(OPTIONAL): Steam(OPTIONAL): Area of Expertise: (Code, Modelling,Scripts,Management) Level of Expertise: (Beginner, Junior, Intermediate, Advanced) Looking to become part of project: (Yes or No) Looking to contribute for credit: (Yes or No) Age: Comments: [/quote] Please reply in that format and it will help out alot! Thanks everyone! People involved: SpecOps115 [spoiler]Area of Expertise: Code / Design Level of Expertise: Advanced / Junior Looking to become part of project: Willing to provide consultation when/if needed Looking to contribute for credit: No official credit needed Comments: Willing to provide help when I can but can't promise any full time availability. Also willing to provide feedback if someone wants. On pacific time right now and not usually home until evening but if you're willing to work around my schedule I can provide specifics for code samples/ideas etc.[/spoiler] Euphorius [spoiler] Skype: erendil777 Steam: Euphorius Area of Expertise: Art/Design Level of Expertise: Intermediate/Intermediate Looking to become part of project: Yes Looking to contribute for credit: Yes Age: 23 Comments: I'm moving on June 8th, so I'm going to be AWOL for a bit while my internet and comp gets set up at the new place. My strongest skillsets right now are 3D modelling/texturing as well as conceptual and applied design. (Systems, levels, raids, etc) [/spoiler] MoonDawg [spoiler]Still need to start messing around with Unity, so I won't be of much use until then. Area of Expertise: Code Level of Expertise: Junior-Intermediate Looking to become part of project: Yes Looking to contribute for credit: Yes - (Dat resume) Age: 20 Comments: I would love to work with a group on making a cool game in my free time! I'm hoping to start playing around with Unity soon, so I know the basic layout and structure. I just finished my second year of school, so I have experience in C++ and Java thus far. New languages don't really frighten me though.[/spoiler] ChorrizoTapatio [spoiler]If you need writer/testers, I'll gladly help. Skype: chorrizo20994 Looking to become part of project: Yes Looking to contribute for credit: If you need me, sure. Age: 19 Comments: You have a purty mouth.[/spoiler] SolidSnake [spoiler](Arny Schwarzneger accent) : I'M BACK Skype : Digitalfirework Steam:(I have no steam shameful I know :( ) Area of expertise : Scripting /Engineer , (Concept) Art , Story writing ? Management (if it counts) Level of Expertise : Junior /iNTERMEDIATE Loooking to become part of project : Yes(Obviously I started this thing :p) Looking to contribute for credit : Yes Age : 16 Comments : Uhh yeah I'm back . I'm working on my own little project now .Small android-UNITY game . After that I'd like to mess around abit so I get more experience. Looks like I'm late to the party . If anyones reads this and still is interested to do it , post on this comment . I was looking forward to it actually . I guess some a-holes just put me down . I probably won't be able to do much untill Christmas time. I'm a good scripter and am more than capable of making concept art for Modelers and/or writing a story . That's about it .[/spoiler] Saldurmayne [spoiler]Skype: Trix_Anims1990 I think.(Best way would be through or email pm me for more please) Steam: N/A (need to redo my password) Area of Expertise: (Code(C++ and BASIC), Management, Web Design[If it helps]) Level of Expertise: (Junior) Looking to become part of project: (Yes ) Looking to contribute for credit: (Yes ) Age:23 Comments: I would love to get in on this. I have some basic-intermeadiate coding knowledge in C++ and BASIC, as well as web design(need to relearn some things like css and php).[/spoiler] BBreezy819 [spoiler]Area of expertise: Story, plot progression Level of expertise: Intermediate to advanced (depends on the type of game, story, etc./I'm good with sci-fi) Looking to become part of project: Yes Looking to contribute for credit: Not needed, but yes (looks good on resumé) Age: 16 Comments: Willing to provide help and/or feedback on plot related issues. I'm also in the process of creating my own game.[/spoiler] Remorazz [spoiler]Area of Expertise: Art Level of Expertise: Junior/Intermediate Looking to become part of project: Yes Looking to contribute for credit: Yes Age: 17 Comments: If you need concepts or textures for modellers, send me a PM. I recently was part of a team that made an 2D adventure game, Hunt the Wumpus, in which I did all the art.[/spoiler]

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