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    Here is a group where fan-fiction writers can interact with one another and work to improve their skills, if you want to be include message me a link to some of your fan-fiction. Here your free to post all your fan-fiction (Just please, don't be inappropriate) and you can also message other fan-fiction masters to have cross over and ect.

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originally posted in:Fan Fiction Unite
Edited by Biocatarus-3: 4/16/2019 8:37:00 PM

(Outdated) Lore Book: Biocatarus-3

[quote][b][i]This is the collection of all posts related to the third part of my fan fiction series, and is also intended to provide the insight necessary to better begin the journey within these pages. Below includes a roadmap of future content, answers to questions such as why I will no longer post in #Lore, and the links to the other "Lore Books" for all new and returning readers. I sincerely hope you enjoy my content, but if you happen to come across any desire for constructive feedback, please feel free to speak unhindered. Thank you for your time, -Biocatarus.[/i][/b][/quote] ********************************************************************************** [b]Lore Book One: [i]Biocatarus-2[/i][/b] [quote][i]After coming across a strange device, a Guardian slowly begins to recover the story of a lost Titan known as Biocatarus-2. It is highly recommended to read this before continuing on to Book Three.[/i][/quote] Link: [b]Lore Book Two: [i]Stories Before the Fall[/i][/b] [quote][i]It appears you have come across a collection of documents related to the Titan known as Biocatarus-2, yet you have no memory of ever acquiring them. Perhaps it's simply a gift from fate, or maybe something far more sinister...[/i][/quote] Link: ********************************************************************************** [b][u]Lore Book Three: [i]The Life and Death of Biocatarus-3[/i][/u][/b] ~~ [u]Act One:[/u] [i]In Search of Purpose.[/i] [b]Chapter 1:[/b] You're Unwelcome Here: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: ~ [b]Chapter 2:[/b] I'm Not a Murderer: ~ [b]Chapter 3:[/b] Ill Advised Reflection: (Soon) ~ [b]Chapter 4:[/b] The Valley of Bones: (Soon) ~ [b]Chapter 5:[/b] The Whispering Sword: (Soon) ~ [b]Chapter 6:[/b] Starlight's Turmoil: (Soon) ~~ [u]Act Two: ???[/u] ~~ [u]Act Three: ???[/u] ~~ [spoiler][i]Only 1 to 2 maximum chapters will release in a single week, and there will be two-week gaps between each Act. The expected chapter release schedule is every Monday and Friday. All will be released in #Community, but this post will remain in #Lore as to alert any of my past readers that care enough to continue following my story.[/i][/spoiler] ********************************************************************************** [b]Future locations of my posts is clarified Below.[/b]

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  • Forgive my disbelief, but people post fanfictions on here? I always felt that FPS communities were too toxic to actually allow this sort of thing to be posted without berating the poster off of the site. This amazes me more than anything.

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