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    Here is a group where fan-fiction writers can interact with one another and work to improve their skills, if you want to be include message me a link to some of your fan-fiction. Here your free to post all your fan-fiction (Just please, don't be inappropriate) and you can also message other fan-fiction masters to have cross over and ect.

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Edited by SpookSlayer: 3/19/2019 1:46:48 AM

Into the Shadows Chapter 3: A Prime opportunity

i have put it in spoilers for your reading convenience. And yes, most of this was written BEFORE the season 6 update [spoiler]“Incoming, at the Steppes!” The Drifter’s voice sounded over the comms. Giant cracked a goblins (skull? Head? Helmet?) in with his head. “You heard the man! Bank those motes and get moving!” His team of 4 quickly finished engaging with the leftover Vex and made their way to the Mote Bank in the center of the arena. Suddenly, the alarm sounded. “Invader on the field! Watch yourself!” The drifter announced. The guardian behind him was suddenly vaporized in a flash of arc light, dropping all his motes. “You guys bank your motes.” Giant said, “I’ll handle this son of a Glitch.” He reached into the void and pulled out his shield, and began to run at the enemy. The invader fired off another shot, but the Titan had his shield in front of him, blocking the shot. “Nice try, scumbag!” Giant taunted. The opposing Guardian panicked. He fired again, and again, but each shot was blocked. Eventually, Giant ran up and slammed him with his shield, vaporizing him. “And don’t come back!” The Sentinel said, as he turned to face the new wave of vex. Him and his team took out Vex after Vex and picked up the motes they dropped. One of them, a Minotaur, ran straight toward Giant. He threw his shield at the large Vex, but he merely teleported harmlessly away from its trajectory. Giant growled and bodyslammed him with his shield. “These guys are almost as annoying as the Hive and Taken,” He said, putting away his shield, “Echo, collect the scraps while we bank these motes” As Echo trasmatted the remains of the Vex away, Giant sprinted to the bank and slammed the motes into the receiver. “I’d like to make a deposit of about 15 motes, please.” He said with a chuckle. “Primeval up! Kill it to win!” The Drifter said, as an orb of Taken energy suddenly teleported a primeval ogre to their position. “Take out the envoys! Don’t waste your ammo on the primeval.” Giant said, running toward the portal. “I’ll buy some time for you.” He jumped through the portal and instantly materialized into the enemy team’s side of the arena. 4 red blips with numbers indicating motes carried instantly appeared on his HUD. One of those blips was separated from the group. That was his target. Unable to detect him, the Titan sprang upon his victim and delivered a crushing blow with his fist, his opponent vaporized in a void blast. One down. He pulled out his LMG and picked off another guardian attempting to rush him with a shotgun. Two down. The others, a Warlock and a Hunter, had summoned the primeval and were standing a Well of Radiance. Giant seized this opportunity and tossed a suppression grenade in their mist. The Well of radiance instantly disappeared, and they were entirely vulnerable to the Ogre’s eye blasts. 4 down. Giant was trasmatted back to his team’s side, the primeval at half strength. “Burn it down!” One said. “Show no mercy!” Said another. 40%. Giant’s team kept firing. 30%. The primeval was weakening. 20%. Almost there.... 10%.... Suddenly, one of the guardians next to giant fell dead, a dark slug buried in his chest. [i]”Death heals primeval,”[/i] Giant remembered. He turned around to face the invader. As usual, it was a Hunter, but this one held an unusual weapon in its hands. [i]”Malfeasance.”[/i] Before he could fire off a shot, the hunter fired 4 Taken slugs into his chest, felling him instantly. When Echo revived him, the enemy team was melting their Primeval and only one guardian was left on his team. “Well, poop.” Giant said, “he’s dead.” But the guardian didn’t die. Instead, the drifter’s voice came from the speakers saying “invader down! Your ally’s a hero!”. “Holy crap he did it!” Giant exclaimed, “quick, melt the primeval!” A warlock slammed his sword into the ground and a Well of Radiance appeared. Giant knew what that meant. That was the universal sign for “time to melt this primeval boys”. All of his teammates knew it too and stepped into the well, it’s Light enhancing their weapons and armor. It was close. Impossible to tell which team was ahead of the other. Then, “You got moves, brother! Primeval down!” The Taken primeval was sucked into the void from whence it came, defeated. “Good game, everyone!” Giant congratulated, fist bumping each of his teammates. Giant headed over to the guardian that killed the invader. He was a hunter, and a Human as well. “You saved our hide out there.” Giant said to him, “to whom do I owe my gratitude?” The hunter smiled. “Bogan’s the name, Slayin’ invader’s the game, ‘mate! You weren’t so bad yerself! Those Queenbreakers are a nuisance, for sure!” “I’ll say.” Giant chuckled. “Sir,” Echo said from his guardian’s shoulder, “you have an incoming transmission.” “Thanks Echo.” Giant replied, “reroute it to the [i]Avenging Eagle[/i]’s main comm unit.” “Right away.” His ghost replied. “Sorry man,” Giant turned to the hunter, “I gotta go.” “You do you, mate.” He replied, cordially. Giant trasmatted to his newly acquired ship, lovingly dubbed [i]The Avenging Eagle[/i], after his vow to repay Keksis for holding him captive for so long. “Ah, she’s a beaut’, that’s for sure.” He reflected, “Wish I could find a fitting color scheme for her.” He made his way to the cockpit and sat down in the Pilot’s seat. “Echo, relay the transmission.” “At once, sir.” The comms flashed, and a series of numbers flashed on his communications monitor. It then displayed the comm number of the transmission, and the name given by the transmitter. “It’s the drifter.” He observed, “Put him through.” “Hey, brother!” The lightbearer spoke over the comms, “how ya livin’?” “Greetings. I am doing just fine.” The Exo replied, “What can I help you with?” The Drifter chuckled, “it’s not about you helpin’ [i]Me[/i], it’s about me helpin’ you. Come see me in my new spot n’ the annex, I’ll tell ya there.” The comms shut off as the transmission ended. “Set course for the tower, Echo,” Giant said, flipping some switches, “Let’s see what he wants.”[/spoiler]

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    An array of contrasting colors filled the viewport of the ship as the Exo engaged the warp drive. Giant always wondered why it did that. The answer was probably too complicated for him too understand, though, but he enjoyed the view nonetheless. The ship shuddered as they entered the earth’s orbit, and they headed toward the large sphere on the planet: The Traveler, and under it, The Last Safe City. “It wasn’t always Safe.” Giant said to himself. He was pushing for the Vanguard to increase surveillance and give the non-Risen population more ways to help in the fight, and also to use the spoils of the Red War like the battleships and tanks to their advantage. So far, his petitions haven’t gotten through, likely due to more pressing matters like the Drifter’s presence in the Tower and the absence of a Hunter Vanguard. When they were just over the tower Giant activated the auto pilot and trasmatted out of his ship. He was in the Annex, a new section of the tower that was opened a few months after the Hero of the Red War’s hunt for vengeance against the murderers of Cayde-6, including the now-infamous (and deceased) Uldren Sov. Ada-1, the curator of the Black Armory was located there, allowing the guardians access to the lost Forges to enable the forging of new Armory weapons. Ever since he found out that he’d been reset only once Giant had wondered if Ada-1 held the secret as to why. So far, he’s been unsuccessful. Ada-1 was as oblivious to the truth as he was. Oh well, it was worth a shot. He walked through the bowels of the Annex to the Drifter’s new lease given to him by the Vanguard. He was flipping his double-sided coin as Giant entered he room. “Hey, brother,” He said as he put his coin into his pocket. “You’ve been a great source of motes in Gambit these past weeks. Well, have I got something for you!” He handed him an auto rifle, similar to the Hazard of the Cast rifle model, but with a modified sight and some binding around the barrel. “I call this Breakneck.” He said proudly, “it specializes in taking out the little guys, and fast. It’s also gonna be of use in my next scheme I’m cookin’. I call it Gambit Prime.” Giant looked at the weapon with apathy. “No thanks. My two friends right here get the job done just fine,” He said, tapping his twin handcannons on his hips. “And I’m also not interested in whatever this ‘Gambit Prime’ is about. I’ve done enough Gambit to last me a while. It’s stressful, and half the time I-“ He stopped as he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. “What is [i]that?[/i]” The Drifter turned to look. It was a suit of guardian armor, covered with straps, pouches, and the green snake that symbolized Gambit, except the snake was glowing yellow. “Oh, this? This is another one of the things I’m cookin’ up. It gives the man that wears it an advantage in Gambit prime.” “How so?” “Why don’t you see for yourself? It’s all yours, brother.” He took the armor and tossed it to the Titan. Giant caught it, and looked suspiciously at the Drifter. “What’s the catch?” The drifter held up his hands in defense. “No catch. Just don’t tell anyone I gave it to ya. People have a tendency to dislike unfair advantages.” “It does look sick. Okay then. I accept your gift.” “Now we’re talkin’! Come see me after you try it out. I’ll have something else for ya.” “Very well.” Giant replied as he turned to leave, “I will test the merits of this armor. I’ll see you later then.” “See ya, brother!” The drifter called back as the Titan left. “This” Giant said as he walked up from the annex. “Scans suggest this armor is ontological. I need tell Shin.” “Guardian.” A voice said from behind him. Giant turned around to see who spoke. A dark-skinned warlock dressed black duster and light armor was standing a few meters behind him. “Oh, hello.” He said, slightly startled. “Who might you be?” “My name is Aunor of the Praxic Order, “She said, “And your name is Giant-1, part of Clan LPC6, local expert on SIVA, and Ramen enthusiast.” “How did you-“ “I’m going to cut to the chase. My sources say that you are working with Shin Malphur, first user of the Golden Gun and sworn enemy of the shadows of Yor. He asked your help in investigating Gambit, didn’t he?” “Uh, yes, but how do you know?” “Like I said, I have sources. I have come to request information you have gathered on Gambit.” “Why should I help you?” “My organization and the Man with the Golden Gun share a common goal: the elimination of those who would tempt the darkness and utilize its powers. I would be most grateful for any information you can give us.” “Okay then. My ghost will transmit the details to you. Just please, don’t ever scare me like that again.” “Duly noted. Have a nice day, Giant-1.” She turned and walked away. “Well, That was an entertaining distraction, wasn’t it?” Giant chuckled to himself. “Let’s get this information to Shin so we can busy our minds with less...stressful things.” —————————————————— [url=]Previous Chapter[/url] [url=]Masterpost[/url] [url=]Next Chapter[/url]

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