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Into the Shadows Chapter 1: the conversation

In the giant hangar of the Last City’s Tower, business was being conducted as usual. Amanda still sold blueprints for sparrows and ships, and even helped direct the maintenance frames in refurbishing and cleaning the ones in storage. Arach Jalaal and Lakshmi-2 were both busy handling matters within the factions, Dead Orbit and Future War Cult, respectively. Everything was abuzz. People walked to and from the hanger, Risen and non-Risen alike, to handle their own matters. People stopped to say hi to their friends and join in conversation. And none was more important and more private than the conversation taking place in the mysterious and abandoned DAITO roomed accessible only by a little parkour and some bent knees. Inside, two Guardians, a Titan and a Hunter, sat in the provided chairs in the small room. The Titan was an Exo, Blue stripe running down his grey face and two antennae-looking things protruding from either side of his metal head. The Hunter was Human, with a wizened gaze that told of long travels in the wilds and bespoke of the horrors he had often seen. On the Titans hips there lay two handcannons, specially crafted with the purpose of wielding them both simultaneously in battle, now sitting in modified holsters that loaded them when not in use and had a special hook as to aid the efforts of reloading in a fight. That was the secret to dual wielding those mighty weapons. A secret that was known only to his friends and close allies. A secret that apparently was still unknown by other guardians, evident by the fact that no other guardian handled hand cannons in this particular way. The Hunter, however, didn’t have two hand cannons, but one. This hand cannon was special. It had seen many foes fall to its destructive but precise power. Many enemies of the light fell from the fire that erupted from its barrel. Even more so, because of the fact that this man was a Gunslinger, which meant that so very few walked away from his particular brand of gunfight. How could they, when the very shots he sent from his fiery cannon turned his foes into ashes, disintegrating them. It’s A very bad way to go, when you are killed like that. Not much is left, except for the ash. The Titan took his fork and stabbed it into the bowl of ramen he bought for himself. In honor of a great hero, he said, although he just loved ramen. When the Lost Hunter Cayde-6 had recommended the shop to him, he at first laughed at him. When he fell to, he decided to give it a try, and he was so glad he did. “So,” He said, after he had swallowed a mouthful of ramen, “what is it you wanted to speak with me about?” The Hunter smiled and said “I heard you were good at gathering information. I also heard that you are in need of some information.” “I’m listening.” “Ever heard of Gambit? ‘Course you have. Probably played it once or twice. Do you know the man that orchestrates it?” “The drifter? Yes, I’m familiar with the name.” “Well, a little bird told me he’s putting guardians up against Taken Primevals. Don’t that sound suspicious to you?” The Titan took a sip of the hot tea that sat beside his bowl of ramen. That too, had been recommended to him, although not by Cayde. It was quite cold the last place he’d been the last two months. “I’ve always known the drifter was hiding something. Thing is, I just don’t know what.” “He’s using the motes of Dark the guardians take from the various enemies in those arenas to fuel whatever plan he’s makin’. I don’t know what that is. Not yet. But that’s not the only thing.” His Ghost lay a picture on the table. “That there is a little thing he calls ‘Malfeasance’. One of the Guardian’s helped him forge it, though I don’t hold him at blame. And now I hear he’s distributing it throughout gambit and the crucible. Only one other weapon has had that level of popularity.” “The Thorn.” “Exactly. If things keep progressing like this, we may have a lot more problems on our hands than whatever’s going on in the Dreaming City, although it’s just as bad.” “And you want me to help how?” “Like I said, you’re good at gathering information. Plus, Sherlock wasn’t available.” The Titan chuckled. “So, you’re saying you want me to play a little gambit and seek out any that would step too far into the Dark?” “Precisely.” “What’s In it for me?” He said with a sly grin. “In my travels across the Solar system, and also my hunt across my solar system, I have received bits of information that could be of use to you. Like, say, Keksis’ next stop, perhaps? Or his first stop, for that matter.” “First stop?” “Sure. You know, where he came from, how he knows the human language, and why he’s so elusive.” “Hmm...that’s a very tempting offer. Why haven’t you gone to the Vanguard about this?” “The Vanguard are busy handling other matters. They’re still broken after the death of Cayde. Besides, I don’t think they’ll believe me, much less help.” “Alright then. I accept your offer. I don’t have much to do anyways until I have more information on Keksis, information that you seem to have.” “You will be doing a great service to the City, although they might not know it.” The Hunter said as he stood up. “Be wary, because I hear the drifter doesn’t take too kindly to people who talk about Gambit.” As the Hunter turned to leave, the Titan stood up as well. “Nice to meet you, Shin.” The Hunter turned his head and said “you too, Giant.” And then left through the vent. Giant-1 sat back down, took a drink of the tea, and started finishing off the Ramen that sat before him. ——————————————————— [url=]Next Chapter[/url] [url=]Masterpost[/url]

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