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    Here is a group where fan-fiction writers can interact with one another and work to improve their skills, if you want to be include message me a link to some of your fan-fiction. Here your free to post all your fan-fiction (Just please, don't be inappropriate) and you can also message other fan-fiction masters to have cross over and ect.

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Edited by Biocatarus-3: 1/21/2019 3:43:41 AM

I'm Not a Murderer. [Chapter 2] (Fanfiction)

[quote][i]If you are new to my works, which is likely as I have only recently moved to #Community, then you can find the links to my previous stories here: I [u]highly[/u] recommend you give the other two books a read before continuing on with this little journey. Thank you for your time.[/i][/quote] [b]Previous Chapter:[/b] Well beyond the walls and protection of the Traveler’s grace lay a collection of mountains that were split between a vast evergreen forest, which was rich with plant life and vibrancy that quickly fell victim to a raging firestorm from the stars. A wide array of trees splintered as they were violently unearthed by the rim of a large burnt crater, and at the very core of that unnatural scar was the wreckage of a jumpship. The tangled carcass of bent supports and shattered frames had created a gnarled tomb from which a living machine slowly crawled out. Undeterred by the pools of oily flame that rivered and stained the ruins of the ship, the humanoid figure rose to its feet like a shadowy outline highlighted by the inferno of the blaze. As it moved, each step was weak and jagged, in such a way that the vaguely skeletal creature appeared more familiar to the visage of the dead rather than that of the living, its head dangling loosely by the neck and its eyes dark. The body crept to a distance of safety from the disaster, eventually collapsing to its knees as to embrace a peaceful stillness. In an gradual and agonizing motion, the Exo stirred back to life, its eyes and mouth now illuminated with a teal hue. Biocatarus-3 stood, soon greeted by the floating shape of his Ghost. The Guardian watched nervously as his numerous wounds were healed by the grace of his other half’s Light. The Ghost couldn’t help but speak a warning. “We have to get moving.” said Aydin quickly. “They can’t be far behind, and if they catch us-” Biocatarus-3 equipped his helmet and noticed a legion of red shapes appear on the radar of the visor, instantly recognizing the telltale sign of a predator coming upon their prey. Already he could see faint glimpses of motion between spires of bark and leaves, the stark warning of a Fallen hunt. “Run!” yelled Aydin, the chase beginning before the word could ever end. The inexperienced Lightbear darted from tree to tree, wincing each time as bolts of energy tore each parcel of makeshift cover to pieces. He slid behind a collection of boulders, hoping to buy a moment of clarity as to think his way out of the dire circumstance. But before he could consider his next course of action, a four-armed Wretch that bore a deadly staff charged forth from his left, cackling as it lunged. The Exo cursed and leapt away from a near-fatal swing, only barely avoiding a wound greater than a thin cut. The Wretch screeched with frustration, having lost significant distance due to the Guardian’s adrenaline fueled jump. Biocatarus-3 spotted the entrance of a cavern, and with all his might he ran as fast as he could. The Fallen warparty matched his speed. Within winding patches of shadow filled tunnels, Biocatarus-3 lost track of time to the grasp of his fear. His eyes made him a beacon in dark, resulting in his legs becoming the sole proprietor of his survival. He heard the Fallen scream and call out for him again and again, the tight passageways carrying the sounds far and wide. They were more cunning than he was, and often every turn would hold with it a challenger. It was luck alone that had gotten him this far. Not once did he dare to rest, not once did he stop to look behind. Quickly he spotted a opening that lead into the night sky and the safety of moonlight. Desperate, he made a break straight for its alluring offer. Foolish, he exposed himself and took a ranged blow to the heel. Sickly black fluid escaped from wound as the heartbeat rhythm of his footsteps slowed. The Exo cried out, limping his way towards the border of the den, towards the only hope of rest. He heard the clattering of his pursuers feet, the clicking of their jaws, the envy of their words. The Exo reached the threshold of open air and sky, only to be bewildered with the discovery that he stood atop a mountain ridge. Before he had the chance to determine another path to flee upon, he spotted the outline of a tall, cruel figure. The armored creature was an incarnate of ferocity, her four slender arms each holding a lean serrated blade. The Baroness laughed with an inhuman clatter of sounds, instantly partaking in an effortless strike that tore the helmet from the Guardian’s head. He watched as it tumbled into the grasp of a dense and colorless fog. The outmatched Exo witnessed the cherished moonlight become consumed by a collection of deep and hungry clouds, which then conceived a storm of thunder. Behind him, the band of ravenous Fallen gathered, only holding their distance as to allow their leader the honor of the kill. Biocatarus-3 did possess a choice, for he had the strength required to shatter his opponents skulls, but was he willing to embrace the murderer he feared the future demanded of him? Despite their monstrous appearance, he understood that the Fallen were still people. Terribly misguided yes, but still thinking, breathing, living. The Exo couldn’t help but compare their flawed existence to his own, sealing his fatal inaction. The scavengers clearly did not share his empathy, as was apparent when the Baroness sharpened her swords in a taunting matter. She was relishing the moment, adoring the fact that a Guardian was at her mercy. Biocatarus-3 considered telling his Ghost to flee so that only one of them would die, but then he recalled the purpose of his other half, a power he had experienced once before. The Exo closed his eyes, and as the Baroness moved to strike him down, he leapt from the soldness of the mountainside and into the misty void. Against the shrills of the rushing wind, he heard only a portion of her angered cry within the fleeting moments before his form embraced the ground. ~ A collection of small round stones tumbled from their perches to join with streams of falling rain. They clattered upon a plate of metal, audibly bouncing off the unnatural surface and into pools of rising water. The sound alerted a compact and angular machine, which floated past streaks of sliding mud and sturdy stones as to better observe his broken friend. The Ghost swiveled slightly, rotating his eye so that it was fixed upon the blank face of his Guardian. The alien machine became still for a blinking second, only to expand outwards in a collection of shell fragments and brilliant Light, coating the dead thing in a blanket of pure restoration so that it may live again. Biocatarus-3 rose from his early tomb, stretching as he moved to allow pockets of staining filth to fall by the wayside. He adjusted his neck in a gentle motion, and watched as his Ghost recompressed into its natural form. “Thanks.” said the immortal Exo to his bond, all the while wiggling his fingers stiffly. His legs struggled to bend, and his torso was bent, but he was alive. “That was dangerous.” replied Aydin. “Too many factors that could’ve gone wrong.” “Yeah, well it worked out, and I figured jumping was a better option than staying. She didn’t seem to like me very much, you agree?” “You could have killed her instead.” Biocatarus-3 clenched his jaw. Numerous debates played out in his head, all picturing different possibilities and outcomes in how his Ghost would respond to his conflicted conscious. He vaguely noticed drops of rain as they slipped between the gaps that laced his mouth. The hesitation to reveal was born of a fear that any truthful words would upset his desired future of acceptance. [b][Speak. Let him know of your distress, so that it may be cured and we can grow into the better man.][/b] “I don’t want to kill.” replied the Guardian, adverse to the nature of those who possessed the title. “I know I’m supposed to, that it’s my duty to Humanity and all that, but…” “Go on, let it out” inquired Aydin, sensing his Guardian’s reluctance to open up. Biocatarus-3 closed his eyes, refusing to witness the Ghost’s reaction to his inner thoughts. “The first thing I ever saw was a vision. Fields of ice that held the dead, the dead that I had killed. And I killed them [i]again[/i]. I didn’t care, just used my hands and.... Then I woke up, and was immediately told that I had once been another man, and he was now dead too. I felt responsible, like, like I pointed a gun at his head and killed him myself, just so that I could live. But I wouldn’t do that. Not to him, not to anyone. I wouldn’t.” “You’re afraid that if you kill, you’d prove otherwise.” “I don’t want to be a murderer.” “I understand. Believe it or not he…” Aydin paused, knowing that his former partner was still a sore subject. Regardless, he decided to continue. “...was like you. Back then I told him that he was chosen for a good purpose, an honest one, and that I had faith in the Traveler’s judgment. It sent me to find him for a reason.” “Do you think the Traveler can see into the future?” Biocatarus-3 asked.

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