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originally posted in:Phantoms of the Telethon
9/18/2015 12:04:27 PM

Poll of the Day 15 - First Exotic Engram of Year 2

The Taikonaut


Empyrean Bellicose


Graviton Forfeit


Skyburners Annex




Astrocyte Verse


It's Xur's first appearance since the Taken King drop, and behold! He's selling a Helmet Engram! There are a total of 6 new Helmets (That we know of?), 2 for each class. So which one are you aiming for this week? For Titan; First, there's the Taikonaut, which is essentially Ruin Wings 2.0. Not only does it give you more heavy drops, but it also has Active radar on Rocket Launchers, as well as gives your Rockets Tracking..That will be an INSANE perk in the upcoming Raid. The second helm, which may be the coolest looking Exotic Armor yet, is the Empyrean Bellicose, which steals from Warlock's Angel of Light perk. Aiming in the air will hold you in place for a second. Orbs of light will also charge your melee if your super is full. For Hunter; There's the Graviton Forfeit, a really interesting void helmet with the perk Elusive Shadow, which unlocks the Nightstalker ability Shadestep. Unfortunately, unlike an Exotic Like Kephri's Sting, this ability does not work on any other Subclasses. Also up for grabs is the Skyburners Annex, which compliments the new Nightstalker support class. Your Heavy Weapon kills gain orbs for your fireteam, and you have a chance to get special ammo from orbs if your Super is full. For Warlock; The first and maybe one of the new best-in-class Exotics is THE STAG, which looks just like the Ram, only white and with long antlers. The Perk Doe or Die, which gives you a faster super charge when your fireteam is dead, once per life. It also has a chance to respawn with an overshield. The only concern with this item is; does using Fireborn count as a respawn? Deer puns aside, this looks like it may be an amazing raid or nightfall piece of gear! The final new helmet is the Astrocyte Verse, which simply grants a farther teleportation and faster cool down for blink. It is also an interesting looking Helmet. So which Helmet fits your fancy? Vote now and share your thoughts! And as always, join the group to stay in the loop!

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  • Edited by FantasticMrFox: 9/18/2015 1:02:18 PM
    Nice note. I feel the hype for Graviton is well overdone, it's too situational and for me the sky burners is way better. For me, in order of best to worst; The Taikonaut (Incredible perks, looks wicked too!) Skyburner's Annex (night stalker orb machine even more) The Stag (life saver, but situational) Graviton Forfeit (wider Nightstalker end perk build) Astrocyte Verse (situational...) Embryean Bellicose (ridiculously situational, but looks nice)

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