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    We are the order of the lost knights, our purpose is to secure all weapons of mass destruction and protect our galaxy.

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originally posted in:Order of the Wolf Pack
7/22/2014 1:41:28 AM

Things We Need To Know

minor tips... -ANYTHING you see on the ground as an item.. ONLY you can see.. its yours for the taking. -EXP gained from getting gold in daily map events,bounties... give the exp to ALL of your skills, weapons, and armor.. make certain to have items your trying to level worn when turning these in. -Character level and SKILLS levels while coincide in exp at FIRST... when your character level maxes at 8, your skills continue to raise till around lvl 13, including critical grenade and jump upgrades. -Your health is broken into 3 bars.. the first bar is your TRUE health.. which varies by class and is effected by your "recovery stat" the other 2 are your "shields" which while i cant confirm are different for each class.. my tests didnt show any change via recovery stat. -You CANNOT solo map "events" dont even try you will fail. -=EDIT for all the trolls...=- WHEN your level 8... with level 13 skill sets.. with ALL uncommon gear from days of farming and those items have been leveled to unlock your skills... and if your the ONLY one on the map at the time to prevent stat scaling of the enemies.. YES>. some of these open/world events" CAN be soloed... but for EVERY xbox player.. and every player thats NOT maxed out thats lower then level 6.. with sub par gear.. your not doing it.. its a waste of ammo.. and this warning still remains... and its for THEM i claimed it. PS.. im talking about the MAIN "explore russia" map where the random events have TIME LIMITS.. NOT the lvl 6/8 strike bosses. ===BOXES save golden ones.. CAN be seen by ALL.. and can be acessed by all.. if in a fireteam, call it out on voice if you have a headset.. and open it when your team arrives so ALL your team can share in the wealth. once any box is opened.. it dissolves in 30 seconds. - each "area" has on average 5 boxes on the area map at a time. taking one box.. causes it to respawn almost instantly elsewhere. - each box spawn point has 3-5 sub spots in that tiny area the box can spawn, some can be out of sight of the main spots. - glitter farm.. mothlands and the shipyards have the most vehicle acessable box spawns with minimal enemy interferance.. learn the hotspots and you can scan an area in about 2 min hitting each majior spawn spot... if boxes stop showing up, then they are spawning in areas youve not found yet.. look on the forums here for more detailed guides on glitter farms. ====WEAPONS -weapons each come in 2-3 varieties.. drastically changing thier damage.. rate of fire.. and accuracy.. each subclass of these weapons can be determined by thier "brand" names/stats. its HIGHLY suguested you not only try each class of weapon..{scout rifle, pulse rifle, auto rifle], but each each SUBclass as well.... learning these early on will give you an idea near level 8 what "greens" your going to want to be farming for PvP. - STATS.. thier attack is the "average combat rating" for the weapon.. strike is the stat that dictates how hard/damaging each individual bullet is. - VEX/blue/lightning elements are the ONLY element you need to worry about in the beta.. nothing is weak to the purple vortex.. and only wizzards have fire shields. but elites and captians AND every player in PVP has blue shields. -sniper rifles are your best weapon of choice in STRIKES and MISSIONS compared to the other special weapons.. ALL special weapons ammo is limited, but the sniper rifle offers the most damage per shot AND accuracy at range keeping you safe from bosses compared to the melee range shotgun and the short range fusion which CANNOT score critical hits. ====ARMOR -MOST green armor offers minor skill perks that CAN turn the tide of battle in your favor.. even pvp, legs and class items are the exception and HAVE no perks -Armor can boost one of 3 stats.. each stat modifies the rate that your 3 active skills regenerate. -make sure your armor boosts your GRENADE stat to its max.. this allows you to throw a grenade every 6-7 seconds.. the reason for this is the PUNCH skill at level 8 while nice is nothing compared to the other 2 skills regen.. and NO green items have intelligence.. only blue items and above.. and the lowest level BLUE item is level 10.. so you cant boost your super in the beta. ====STRIKE -BEST ITEM FARM IN THE BETA!!!!! seriously... the host needs to select the strike.. then CLICK ON NORMAL... change the strike from level 6 to level 8. this doubles the amount of enemies and boosts thier level. the reason behind this is when you complete the strike on level 8 you are GAURENTEED 1 level 8 green weapon and one level 8 green armor for all 3 members. nothing in the beta will get you your max damage/armor rating faster. -the landing area is to be AVOIDED... these enemies are infinate and meant to drain your ammo reserves before you even get to the strike area... land.. get on your sparrow/speeder/bike and boost to the back of the map and enter the lair asap to conserve ammo and save time. -When your 2 teammates are dead and your questionable as weather you can res them.. HIDE... lame as it may sound.. you trying to be a hero.. and dying after fighting a boss for 10 min.. only to have the fight reset with your ammo reserves not replenished can be enough to cause some teammates to rage quit... 20 seconds of hiding behind cover for a teammate to respawn can save you 10+ minutes of fighting. -when you ARE rezzing your teammate.. move around in circles... makes you a harder target to hit.. practice will get you to learn your rez range. -when finished rezzing.. you AND your teammate get a temporary shield..but its just extra life.. not invincibility.. as soon as you bring them back... assume you have bullets headed at you and jump and boost in a safe direction to avoid damage that killed your teammate to keep you from being a corpse as well. ====PvP... becuase of requests.. -RADAR is your friend.. its MOTION based.. think of the movies ALIENS.. when you see red.. it means an enemy is MOVING around you.. take this as a chance to find a corner.. and STOP moving to become invisible to thier radar.. wait for them to pass you for an easy ambush attack. -ALL movement reveals you on radar.. crouching.. walking, running.. shooting yes EVEN while crouched. -Melee can kill most in 2 hits when you have your melee skill charged. -lag/ping plays a CONSIDERABLE role in this game.. its an open WORLD server..on occasion expect to be killed by melee/shot 5 seconds after youve already killed them. -the tank on the moon is a PAIN to confront..and takes a beating for something that can one shot you...but it has its only has full EASY access to check point B.. partial access to C.. and full to C when it works around cover but by then you see it comming and can get behind the boxes inside. and has NO access to A or the middle of the map... its also slow.. stay to the buildings and you can as a team make this vehicle mostly useless save for its ability to dominate B. -super moves will generally 1 shot the tank. -the golden flaming pistol isent OP..its a SUPER move.. EVERY super move for all classes are 1 hit kills.. titan and warlock have large AOEs.. while the hunter has a few shots from a pistol that requires aim.. yes it has the most range.. but the highest chance of being a wasted use as well. -MAX out your grenade recharge armor!!! a grenade every 6-7 seconds can REALLY allow you to use thier AOE effects to force enemy players to go left instead of right when ducking for cover.. or popping out of it.. thus adding to YOUR control of the battlefield. -Grenades on a falling checkpoint is NEVER a waste. grenades cannot cover ALL the checkpoint but it will damage those taking it.. cause them to scatter.. slowing down thier capture of it.. and often clears them OFF the point for a few seconds. these seconds gives the LESS time the points under thier control and thus less overall score in the long run... and with a 6 second recharge.. grenades shoudlent be idle any ways. -Heavy ammo is ONLY gained in timed chest drops.. this is a double edged sword.. it makes them a danger hotspot for potential traps/campers.. but are largely under used.. especially for the damage and zone control that heavy weapons can put out. if an ammo box is gone unclaimed for a while chances are its free to take.. and use to your teams advantage. -Headshots... AIM FOR THEM.. duh... common sense.. but headshots can literally make the difference between you winning or losing a 1v1 encounter. -Shotgun/melee = 1/2 punch... if your close to your opponent.. a point blank shotgun blast then a melee shot with your punch skill charged is a gaurenteed kill, with a high chance of triggering your punch skills secondary effects.. and is far faster to pull off then 2 consecutive shotgun blasts. -Range DONT mean your safe... sniper rifles arent the only threat.. auto rifles.. pulse rifles.. scout rifles..hand cannons, ALL can make very short work of you at even extreme ranges.. so just becuase your at a long range dont mean you should tone down your evasion. -MOON point B.. ASSUME its being watched by the enemy.. snipers.. vehicles.. shotgun campers.. its very open with a turret nearby.. always approach this spot with caution.

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