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"United We Stand; Divided We Fall."

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    Alpha Project is formally an Armagetron Advanced clan that now participates in cross gaming. Below are (some) the rules I expect from all group/clan members. *No harassment of any kind is permitted, including trolling, sexism, racism, etc, etc. *While we don't have an age limit at this moment, it is expected that all members behave maturely. *Do not behave rudely or insult someone just because they are a noob. Deal with it. *All members are expected to be kind to each other. If there is a problem with a fellow member, immediately inform an admin. If there is a problem with an admin, inform me, AdmiralAngel. *For now this clan is an open group, with admin approval. The reason I did this was to prevent just any troll from joining this clan. This may change to "open group" if I notice little of this. All other people will be approve rather quickly. I'll add the full history of our group and more rules in a thread. Limited to 1000 characters here -.-

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