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Phenomenal X Gaming II

"Destruction Has No Meaning. Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat"

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    [b]Clan is Open To Anyone Right Now, Growing Community[/b] This is The Official Second Page of The Clan [url=]Phenomenal X Gaming [/url] This is Phenomenal X Gaming. We all work together as a team to get objective done, make friends & to be the best clan we can be. This is a clan that brings player from all over the world together for the purpose to improve their skills & make them better players. Getting missions done together with efficient communication is what we stand for. We do this because we care & want to make everyone a better player. - all are welcome to [b]Phenomenal X Gaming[/b]. How to join the clan just click the link right here. [b]---->[/b] [url=]Clan Information[/url] To Join Please Send Me A Message On My Main Account - PSN KINGJAQUAN

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