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    In the Destiny Universe, there are many Brave and Powerful Guardians fighting against the Darkness...And then, there's us...nobis autem ad fratrem suum!!! Welcome to LionsGuard Prime!!! Our organization is composed of Divisions with their very own specialties to provide Guardians a selection of groups that fit their play style while pledging their allegiance under one Banner. Joining is a two step process, first, please apply under LionsGuard here, second, go to to be counted as part of our ranks within Bungie. You will not be accepted as part of the organization until the proper steps are taken. Once accepted, you can then apply under you preferred Division. This process is essential to getting a proper count on our members. "THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE DOES NOT APPLY TO THOSE WHO RULE IT." - Yzrael, LionsGuard Prime Commander

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