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Team Orphan Meat

"All orphans, all the time"

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    [i]To dine on orphans is divine, but to join this group makes you immortal.[/i] Those were once words uttered by someone who probably said them. Or maybe they didn't. If not, they better have if they know what's good for them. You see, here at Team Orphan Meat our creed has always been to create orphans by any means necessary. So what does that mean for parents? Uh, th -- they die. But what does that mean for you? If you're not a parent, nothing at all! In fact, it means more than nothing at all -- it means [b]something[/b]! Undertaking this massive swath of destruction that we are assuredly going to hurl you into, we ask that you take but a moment to think of the children ... right before you plug their parents. And then take but a few seconds and think of how this affects you. It doesn't. You feel nothing. Murderer.

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