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Counter Trolls

"Won't stop, can't stop, Troll Hunting!!!"

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    Creed of the Counter Troll: I swear to stand ready and vigilant, that any troll who comes across my path will be commented with a single inane and meaningless responses any and every time I see them post in a thread, regardless of when or where. I swear that all I will alert all Counter Trolls of a troll when I spot one so that my Counter Troll Brothers and Sisters in Arms may also comment inane and meaningless responses any and every time they see a troll post in a thread. I swear to never give a real response, or even to change my response to a troll once a Counter Troll Strike has begun, copying and pasting my first inane and meaningless response in every comment that follows to said troll. Counter Trolls Unite!!!

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