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    What up Titans , Warlock and Hunters ,We have the biggest and strongest Clan in small numbers for Xbox One. I am Only accepting 75 People maxed (Must be Good or committed to become good) We are gamebattles veterans we kill and ask questions later. We have not lost a game in the iron banner I am looking forward to continue to hold the title. Are You? Sooo what are you waiting for? Join Now!!! come contribute we have over 15 people we all over the age of 18 and been playing with each other since 2006 we are well experienced and very active. We play all game modes , Trust me we will be number one .What we have to offer? Victory , Acknowledgement , 6 years of experience , Battle Tactics , You will never play alone, Chance to be on the side of a unstoppable Clan. The most important thing we have to offer is fun, we all crack jokes but we know when it’s time to get business done.

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