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Children Of Enlightened

"Gathered By Fate, Bound By Destiny, United By Victory"

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    Through the ages, a fable about us has been heard among the grand halls of the Tower. Whispers from the anonymous Guardians murmured among themselves. "Who are they?" "What is their secret?" "Where do they come from?" "Why do they arrived only at the 11th hour?" "How is it that only they are able to do it?" While different hypothesis has been proposed, the truth may be more than meets the eye. We are the Shining Knights that will purge the darkness to oblivion. We are the Legion of Hope that will bring peace to the galaxy.We are the Keepers of Justice that will avenged for the unjust. For we are the Children of the Enlightened! May the traveler's light shines brightly upon us!

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