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    [i][u] [b]Welcome Guardians![/b] [/u][/i] There are two kinds of people in this world - Simply ask yourself - Do you "enjoy gaming"? Or do you [b]nJoi Gaming[/b]? Here at [b]nJoi Gaming[/b], we focus on the things that matter, like: - Aesthetics (Because nobody [i]nJoi[/i]'s looking at your ugly ass) - Style Points (Because swagger isn't just something JBiebz tried to ruin for the rest of us) - Being All-around Awesome (Because balance is important in life) - Epicly [i]nJoi[/i]able Puns! The list of less important topics includes but is not limited to: ~ Understanding game mechanics (know your class and role in battle) ~ Raiding comprehension (don't stand in the g'damn fire) ~ Communication skills (get a mic, plz) ~ Mechanical skill (300+apm sc2 playerz ownly jk lel) ~ PvP strategy (know when to defend/rush/snipe/dance - these are important!) [u][b][url=]Don't Just Play Destiny, nJoi It![/url][/b][/u]

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