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12/18/2014 5:13:42 AM

Bungie has the story all figured out.

I see what shit you're trying to pull bungie. Don't try to hide that "actually has a story" from me. I figure I got this all figured out. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ALL A THEORY. By now we all realize destiny's story is nothing more than "shoot these guys because I said so." But I think bungie has it under control. We all know that destiny's original story was good but was cut for unknown reasons, until you look at the fact that the franchise will exist for 10 years at least. If you don't know the extent of it, destiny's old story involved a character named Crow. (Who's model is actually the queens brother now.) I'm going to keep this brief to prevent confusion. Basically you are a guardian, (Suprise) But you eventually learn from crow that the speaker and the traveler are actually bad guys and you need to be fighting them instead. (There is SO MUCH MORE detail in this, but I'm only giving the basics of it. You can go look up the details.) Now this sounds like a good story, right? Yes, but when you take in the fact that this is a 10 year franchise, a plot twist as big as that might not be a good idea for the first game in the series. It wouldn't leave a lot of room for development In the franchise. This seems to me that this is bungie's plan for the series, let the story and excitement build up over a long period of time and have it kaboom in an epic finale at the end. The old story will be in the franchise, but more developed and lengthened. I assume you all have heard the dreg Easter egg sort of thing that seems to have surfaced? No? Well, if you sneak up behind a dreg, chances are you will hear it exclaim in some weird alien/English blend, "it's the darkness!" (There are some YouTube videos on this.) Interesting, why would a dreg, an enemy to our light, be calling us the darkness? This bears some resemblance to the grunts (also a low tier enemy in its faction. Coincidence?) Yelling "its the demon!" when you encounter them In bungies halo games. Unless the dreg is on drugs, why would it be calling US the darkness? Maybe, the traveler IS a bad guy after all, and bungie is still sticking with that story? Another interesting peice of dialogue is your encounter with the Exo Stranger on Venus. She says, "a side should always be taken, even if it is the wrong side." Hearing this at first probably made you think that she is an agent of the darkness and will end up being an enemy later in the story. The INTERESTING part about this quote is that when she says the words "the wrong side" she looks directly at your guardian, suggesting you are being misled to fight on the wrong side. What I'm saying through all this is that bungie may be sticking to their old story after all, and gave Destiny a lackluster plot for a reason. When you take into consideration that this franchise will continue for a good 10 years, bungie has a lot of time to expand the plot from FPS-style "shoot bitches get guns" plot to an actual entertaining story that you want to know about and love for years to come. Bungie may have outsmarted us by lowering our expectations and then pulling out the big guns later with a franchise like we all know they can make. All I can say is, Bungie, I have full faith in you and will support your decisions for how to make great games. You know what you are doing and will pull through and make possibly the greatest franchise of all time. Destiny is addicting and fun, but you know how to make a story throughout a franchise like you did with halo. And think this will all end up being an amazing series. Thank you, and good luck. To all my fellow guardians out there, just sit back and chill while the master devs at bungie do what they do best. Trust that everything will be fantastic soon. Godspeed guardians. P.S. I'm thinking that the sequel to destiny will also have a one-word title rather than Destiny 2. Something like "Legend" or "Hero" doesn't seem out of the picture. ;)

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