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Full Crota's End Loot Table

Yo, it's been a while since I edited this. Roughly over a month it turns out. The Polls that were followed to make this thread had changed quite a bit since I last updated this, and this will be updated accordingly. For those who are interested in the actual drop chances for individual items taken from a general poll, you can follow [url=]this link[/url] to get a general idea. Now you're probably thinking "Actual drop chances, hooray!" but remember that it's a poll taken trusting people to vote accurately that could, or could not be correct. I'm trying to keep this as accurate as possible so I won't be adding those percentages into this post. Once again, thanks for keeping the post up in the blue and helping players out who've commented on this during my absence. You guys are the true heroes. I have also removed the "Weekly Pool Theory" from this post as it has caused quite a lot of confusion. I have recently made a Full Vault of Glass Loot Table post, which can be found [url=]here[/url]. ( [u][b]Key[/b][/u] Items which are in [b]Bold[/b] are Hard Mode exclusive Items which are in [i]Italics[/i] can only be obtained once per character unless dismantled Items with an *asterisk* around them will not drop on Hard Mode [u][b]Descend into the Hellmouth[/b][/u] No loot drops present. [u][b]Traverse the Abyss[/b][/u] •[url=]Radiant Energy[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Radiant Shard[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Willbreaker's Fists[/url], [url=]Dogged Gage[/url], [url=]Deathsinger's Grip[/url] (Raid Gauntlets) •[url=][b]Oversoul Edict[/b][/url] (Arc Pulse Rifle) [u][b]Abyss Chest[/b][/u] •[url=]Radiant Energy[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Radiant Shard[/url] (Upgrade Material) [u][b]Cross the Bridge[/b][/u] •[url=]Radiant Energy[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Radiant Shard[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Willbreaker's Resolve[/url], [url=]Relentless Harness[/url], [url=]Deathsinger's Mantle[/url] (Raid Chestpiece) •[url=]Willbreaker's Greaves[/url], [url=]Tireless Striders[/url], [url=]Deathsinger's Herald[/url] (Raid Boots) •[url=][b]Abyss Defiant[/b][/url] (Solar Auto Rifle) [u][b]Enter Crota's Chamber[/b][/u] No loot drops present. [u][b]Hallway to Crota's Chamber Chest[/b][/u] •[url=]Radiant Energy[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Radiant Shard[/url] (Upgrade Material) [u][b]Reach the Summoning Crystal[/b][/u] •[url=]Radiant Energy[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Radiant Shard[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Bone Circlet[/url] (Warlock Class Item) •[url=]Shroud of Flies[/url] (Hunter Class Item) •[url=]Mark of the Pit[/url] (Titan Class Item) •[url=]Exotic Weapon[/url] (Random Weapon) [u][b]Defeat Crota[/b][/u] •[url=]Radiant Energy[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Radiant Shard[/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Exotic Weapon[/url] (Random Weapon) •[url=][b]Crux of Crota[/b][/url] (Upgrade Material) •[url=]Willbreaker's Watch[/url], [url=]Unyielding Casque[/url], [url=]Deathsinger's Gaze[/url] (Raid Helmet) •[url=][b]Word of Crota[/b][/url] (Void Handcannon) •[url=][b]Fang of Ir Yût[/b][/url] (Arc Scout Rifle) •[url=]*Light of the Abyss*[/url] (Arc Fusion Rifle) •[url=]*Swordbreaker*[/url] (Void Shotgun) •[url=]*Black Hammer*[/url] (Solar Sniper Rifle) •[url=]*Song of Ir Yût*[/url] (Arc Machine Gun) •[url=]*Hunger of Crota*[/url] (Solar Rocket Launcher) •[url=][i]Cryptographic[/i][/url] (Armor Shader) •[url=][i][b]Glowhoo[/b][/i][/url] (Armor Shader) •[url=]*Light in the Abyss*[/url] (Ship) •[url=][b]Bane of Dark Gods[/b][/url] (Ship) •[url=][b]S-13 Graverobber[/b][/url] (Sparrow) •[url=][i]Crota's End[/i][/url] (Emblem) [b]Important things to take note of[/b] •The Helmet can drop on Normal mode, but at a much lower rate than Hard Mode •Chests can only be looted once each week regardless of difficulty •Deathsinger can only be looted once each week regardless of difficulty •Gauntlets only drop on the Pit Encounter •Chestpiece and Boots only drop on the Bridge Encounter •Special/Heavy weapons do not drop on Hard Mode •The Crux will not drop on your very first CE HM clear (Account-wide) [u][b]-Last Edited 2/2/2016-[/b][/u]

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