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11/22/2014 1:59:58 AM

Thanks for the Iron Banner

Lets face it, the Iron Banner turned out to be a big load of disappointment when it first launched. Not only did the levels not matter as stated, but gaining rep felt more like a grind than going for ascendant materials on patrol mode. DeeJ, and the rest of the Devs apologized and promised a fix, and what do we get? Quite possibly the most amazing thing I've seen in this game yet, it feels exactly like what we were promised in the very beginning. Lets take a look at the differences: [b]Level Differences:[/b] In the original Iron Banner (IB1) we saw a level 3 player with the starting level 1 assault rifle conquer the Iron Banner enough to hit level 4. Now in IB2 it's become a struggle for anyone to take on players more than 3 levels higher than them, I watched as a shoulder charge from a 23 Titan failed to OHKO a level 30. I myself felt much more ease killing players lower level while myself struggling with the level 30's, it felt nice, and it was challenging. [b]Reputation:[/b] For those who have already forgotten, or just don't know, IB1 reputation was only gained through wins, and through bounties, a win would offer a mere 25 rep (which was pitiful to the 1000 point requirement for level 1), and losses warranted nothing but shame. This caused a lot of controversy as players began to leave matches the moment they didn't seem to go their way, often resulting in matches that would go 20000 to 5000. I saw one match where one determined player was fighting by himself against 6 people, all for 25 rep? In IB2 the reputation has been fixed to give much higher results, now I don't know the raw, but with the IB buff I've been getting 66 on a win, and on a loss you gain medallions which stack up to 5 times and are redeemed for extra IB reputation. After losing a couple times and finally winning I managed to walk away with approximately 150 rep. This makes it much easier to gain rep when done with the daily bounties. [b]Daily bounties: [/b] Those who played IB1 and IB2 will notice that the bounties haven't changed much, they are neither tougher nor easier but that is because IB is a testament of skill. They were the only reason I continued to play IB1, and now they help out with the rep in IB2. [b]Synopsis:[/b] As you can see a lot has been done to change the Iron Banner, and though I probably forgot to mention something along the way, I'm sure by now everyone can see my point. I'm level 29, and I've been struggling with RNGeezus in the Raid, and so the addition of the armor with 30 light is a godsend for myself and others like me. Realizing just how fun the Iron Banner is now, I'm dreading next week when it has to go because it has been an amazing experience to say the least. So again I say thank you DeeJ for listening to the public, and thank you Bungie for making the necessary changes to make the Iron Banner what it was promised to be. Sincerely, A hunter

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