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10/24/2014 2:16:04 AM

Out of time, or out of dime

The image above was my first encounter with Destiny. I first saw it when I went into Gamestop to look at picking up a couple of used games way back in late 2012. I asked the guy at the register what the poster was all about. He said something about a MMO FPS or something or maybe it was just something about it being a new FPS from Bungie. the next thing I saw concerning destiny was this: After the 'law of the jungle' video I did not see anything else about Destiny until Angry Joe did his review and talked about how broken the game was in some of the major areas. Story, RNG loot not working and causing players to get almost nothing at times, repetitive game play, and a few other but minor things. I ended up purchasing Destiny, but before I get into what I think about Destiny I would like to say that I am a at my very core a PC gamer. However, I still like my consoles, mostly because I know I wont have to buy a new video card if a new game comes out. That being said, I have owned nearly every console at one point in time or another, and currently own a PS4. I stopped worrying about nintendo when the Wii came out and puked in my mouth when I saw the Wii U. So, as somebody who spent the entirety of Destiny's hype machine completely enveloped in games like Empire: Total War. Kerbal Space Program, and Sins of a Solar Empire, I find Destiny to be pretty decent for what it is. Destiny is repetitive in a lot of places, but it is a first person shooter, and first person shooters historically don't have much to them other than run around and shoot stuff. From my perspective I think this is something that is relatively symptomatic of the first person genre. I say this because looking at games like Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto, and the Mass Effect series, all of which are third person shooters, you see that they break up the action a bit here and there either with racing type missions or mini games, something I felt Destiny was lacking. I personally have no love of RNG loot, I absolutely hated Borderlands, but then again, I was raised on old school RPGs where when you knew that you needed something, you usually knew what type of creature to kill to get it and where to find that creature at; then it was just a matter of hoping that the first few that you killed would give you what you need so you wouldn't spend an hour trying to get the stuff. From what I understand, and from what I have seen, a lot of the kinks have been worked out the system so it works better now, either way I still hate RNG loot. When it comes to story and story telling, my favorite story to this day is the Homeworld series. I absolutely love the homeworld series, I am excited to see that gearbox is restoring the game for new PC's and am looking forward to Black Bird Interactive, previous homeworld devs, and their next homeworld game. For me, homeworld is hands done the best story ever told through the video game medium. So in that respect Destiny is not doing so well, that and it's a first person shooter, which historically for the past few years have had rather bland story lines. In regards to content left out, and the whole "on disc but locked away" content I really can't comment too much. I've seen the bug video showing the DLC markers on the map, I have read about the areas that people have glitched into, and I have seen the E3 video where the Queen's brother is pointing a pistol at a guardian. I don't know enough about coding or anything like that to be able to tear apart a copy of destiny and root through the source files to find out if all of the content is actually on the game disc. I don't know enough about the development process to determine if they ran out of time, or out of dime and kicked this thing out the door before any of the other games could release. What I can tell you is where I stand when it comes to games and DLC. If Destiny really is supposed to be some 10 year epic space opera, a Horus Heresy of the video game world, then Bungie and activision really need to find a way to get their prices down, or their content up. I have nothing against a game being episodic and attempting to be more akin to a TV series, save for when it is costing 20 dollars a pop and only putting in a meager sum of content. If I remember correctly the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC was 20 dollars, but it had a wealth of content that came with it. Regardless of the short comings, Destiny is still a very ambitious undertaking. The idea of taking a story, and attempting to tell the story in a video game format over a period of ten years, is both intriguing and dangerous. Then again, I guess it isn't that different from EVE online in a sense, which has been running for over ten years now, and seems to be richer than ever, though to be honest, I haven't paid much attention to it as of late. Either way, Destiny will hold me over in my free time until Star Citizen and Homeworld: Shipbreakers comes out. Till next time.

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