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10/22/2014 1:50:46 AM

The Future of Destiny

Bungie, hire this guy as an associate creative director ASAP


At least give him an Interview


Screw this guy, just take his ideas and make them happen


Kick this guy, his ego and lame ideas off


Let's talk about the future of the Destiny franchise. We (the gamers) were told we were to become "Legend". Unlike the Halo series, there would not be a central figure. In Destiny, we would be the central figure. It has been well bemoaned the lack of story, character customization etc. So where can this franchise go? Well, fellow gamers imagine this.... You load up Destiny 1.5 or 2, start a new game and are taken to your Ghost Customization screen. That's right, before you create your first character, you will create your ghost. "With its dying breath the Traveler created the ghosts...", sentient beings of light and machine that can bind themselves to each of the three guardian paths. Your first choice in ghost creation is to choose a primary class attunement. (The Speaker will be able to re-attune your ghost at cost of glimmer later, increasing per change) your primary class you are attuned to will receive the following benefits; while playing as your secondary or tertiary character you will receive duplicate resources for your primary and any faction rep earned by them will grant a 10% bonus rep gain to your primary. That way you don't have to choose between playing multiple characters and missing out on grinding time for your main. NEXT you will choose a path of war to attune your ghost to; melee, super or grenade. All characters will receive a 10% cool down reduction to the path their ghost is attuned to. NEXT you will choose an enemy to attune to. Keeping with the theme of 3, you can choose between the Fallen, the Hive or the Vex. (As presented thus far, the Cabal do not seem to be agents if the darkness. They seem to want to defeat the darkness by their means and that means enslaving mankind to help in their fight. By that reasoning not a true enemy of the light and thus not a priority for the ghost) the enemy you are attuned to will grant you 10% damage reduction bonus across all characters Lastly, pick a color and pick a voice. Sorry no A list voice acting Character Creation Step 1: Choose your race and Gender Humans +5 Strength and Intellect Awoken: +5 Intellect and Discipline Exo: +5 Strength and Discipline Why racial bonuses? Choice should be meaningful. At endgame 5points is not going to matter that much but it could be a nice little boost at the start of the game. Step 2: Choose your background Exo: Off the assembly line - no stat change Industrial Class- +10 strength, -5 intellect Military Class- +5 str, +5 disc -5 int Awoken: Earth born- no stat change Military Caste- +5 str, +5 disc, -5 int Scholar Caste- +5 int, +5 disc -5 str Human: Citizen- no stat change Ex-con- +5 str, +5 int, -5 disc Ex-military- +10 disc, -5 str Why backgrounds and why the pluses and minuses? Your building a "Legend", a background gives you a little foundation to build on. Again choice should matter and in the end when gear is rocking +500 stats, 5 or 10 isn't going to create a huge balance issue Step 3: Choose your class I'm assuming this would be the class your ghost is attuned to but hey, it doesn't have to be. Titans: Will be massively armored and significantly larger in stature than the other 2 classes. They will not be able to move as fast due to weight of armor but will be able to absorb considerably more damage than the other classes Primary Weapon: Mini-gun with 200 round belts before reload Secondary Weapons: shotguns, hand cannon Grenades: fragmentation and hellfire Class Item: Shield Melee: Shield slam Super: Striker- "Rocket barrage" (3-12 depending on gear, heat seeking rockets fire from shoulder mounted launchers) Defender- "Bulwark" Titan slams shield in to earth pushing enemies back and turns himself into an invulnerable barricade (from frontal assault, he/ she will be vulnerable to flanking attacks and unable to move act) other guardians will be able to use Titan as cover Hunter: Will be fast and nimble guardians. They will not be able to stand up to prolonged fire so mobility is a priority. Their skill with precision based weapons gives them a significant bonus to critical strikes. Primary Weapons: Scout, auto and pulse rifles and pistols Secondary Weapons: sniper rifle, shotgun, hand cannons and compound bows Grenades: Smoke, Stun, Shock Melee: Hunting Knife Class Item: Cloak (item level will control duration and effectiveness of stealth ability) Super: Gunslinger- "Solar Rounds" when activate your currently equipped weapon will be infused with solar energy that causes increased damage to minions of the dark AND adds a burning debuff to them that increases damage received from all sources for a short duration Blade Dancer- Arc Blade self explanatory Warlock: Will have greater access to their supers as well as an aura mechanic so that they can be a healer a debilitated or mix if the two Primary Weapons: auto and pulse rifles. Pistols Secondary Weapons; fusion rifles Class Item: Talisman the warlock's talisman will allow them to infuse their weapons with a type of energy of their choosing as well as provide a resistance to a type of energy of their choosing Melee: leeching touch - restore health from enemies Grenades: Poison, Paralysis and thermite Auras: Void- damage all enemies who come in melee range Arc- increase reload speed and mobility for self and party Solar- heal all party members and self Super: Voidwalker "Curse" Damage over time and damage resistance debuff Sunsinger "Flash of Light" nova of solar energy flares out, instantly restoring party to full health and temporarily blinding enemies Let's get this story started: Each class will have their own starting zone on earth and their own story missions. Hunters will start in the Jungles of South America. Warlocks will start in an old world setting, Greece or Egypt. Titans will start in an area similar to the cosmodrome. Upon completion of those story missions you will unlock Patrol in all three areas as well as Outposts (that can be won or lost in giant public events) I won't give away all my story ideas but your character will never be "THE chosen one". They will be A chosen one and a part if a larger force and greater good. Also the level cap won't be 20. That's just silly Equipment: Will have an item level and a rarity level The higher the item level, the higher the base damage. Rarity will reflect how much an item can be customized or upgraded. A level 22 common auto rifle will be initially more powerful than a level 20 legendary auto rifle. But a fully upgraded level 20 legendary will be more powerful than say a level 24 common. "Max level" gear will be attainable by PVP or PVE. You don't have to Raid or Strike or Crucible if that's not your thing. PVP: With such distinct and varied classes, the concern would be constant class nerfing to balance PVP. Won't be necessary. The Vanguard's Advance training simulator, codenamed "The Crucible" will have players alternating rounds as their guardians or in control of one of the Lights many enemies. If balance issues happen, adjustments can be made to the player controlled enemies thus creating no need to nerf classes or weapons Strikes: There would be one strike per starting area on Earth alone. In addition to a strike playlist about double the current size. There would be Holiday Strikes. What? That's crazy. Society has collapsed. Who has time for holidays? Okay so we won't be going WoW or GW2 BUT... How about the last two weeks of October grants access to a strike set in the Bayous of Louisiana? How about a strike set in the polar regions of Norway in December? The remnants of Shanghai on Lunar New Year?

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