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10/10/2014 3:20:39 AM

Kotaku: 30 Changes Suggested for Destiny: Would You like to see Improvements to Destiny ?

My Guardian delivers a SUPER YES !


The Game is perfect in every way... !


YES...and I have additional ideas to suggest !


Comrades, [b][u]Would you like to see improvements and changes made to Destiny's features and game play ? [/u] [/b] Kotaku has listed 30 changes they suggest to improve Destiny. Feel free to make additional suggestions, say which ones you don't agree with, and highlight the ones you feel would be especially useful.

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  • Why do I play Destiny? Simply I enjoy the combination of some MMO elements in a shooter game. I have much more experience beta testing and playing MMO games like Star Trek Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Marvel Superheroes. I have played some first person shooters with my favorites being SW Battlefront II(if it is even considered a FPS) and Rainbow Six Vegas. I did not follow this game prior to launch so I had no particular expectiations for the game. I bought it because it looked interesting and I did not enjoy Call of Duty or Halo. (turned in CoD Ghosts and one of the newer Halo games to buy Destiny) Destiny appears to me to be a game that they tried to incorporate many elements into one game but were not really able to do any of those features 100% correct. The game does have a good core, excellent graphics, music, and environments. The combat both shooting and melee is very good, but it does lack a good story and if you are a hardcore gamer, the type that blitzes the game and plays day and night, you will get to end cap and through the available content in the game in a week. Like most new MMO games it needs a constant influx of new content to keep the hardcore gamers happy or they will be at end cap and bored. Skill tree development: this is very weak in its current design. Each character seems to have an attack and defense version and the defensive version becomes available at lvl 15. There should be two detailed trees where we can work our character to be either attack oriented or defensive from the beginning. (Star Wars the Old Republic does a good job of this for its character classes) Missions: NPC characters on the maps to give us missions. They can be simple missions or maybe more involved like a short story type mission with multiple objectives to complete. (similar to Star Wars the Old Republic) Tower: possible class specific missions from class specific NPC characters. More variance in bounty missions, add kills with specific weapon to become a weapon specialist giving you a small bump in the basic stats of that particular weapon. Exploration missions/search and rescue missions, again more variance in mission type than what we have now. Attack enemy HQ missions. The bad guys have all of this technology but they do not have a base of operations on any of the planets/moons? They are just hanging out in the human ruins waiting to be shot? Where are their ships coming from? Develop space content and add space missions where we need to use our ships to asault an enemy space station or base. Maps: more maps per planet/moon, I mean only Russia on Earth. There are 6 other continents to create maps for. Planets that are gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn. Have old human space stations or even add enemy space stations that need to be stormed. More moons like the large moons of Jupiter, Io, Europa, same for Saturn like Titan. Pluto would add a nice icy wasteland environment in the game that does not exist now. A lot of room to grow the game with new locations from what exists now. Their needs to be more life to these planets, NPC characters to interact with, other animals besides the birds, etc. Right now the maps seem very lifeless. Weapons/Armor: allow for more individual design by allowing more specialized upgrades. Upgrades can be focused on particular parts of the weapons, damage, range, recoil, etc. This sort of exists in the game now but needs to be expanded upon. Allow the ability through bounties to obtain a weapons specialist certification on a particular weapon giving you better basic stats on that particular weapon type. Allow upgrades to armor that are beneficial to the user. Right now the upgrades are preset without any imput from the user. Example is ammo. Why have the ability to carry additional ammo for a weapon type I do not use? More customization of the armor in general. Ships: very underutilized, should be more than loading screens. Allow for upgrades and mods. Different ship classes, maybe a troop transport for your fireteam, add basic space combat, assault missions on enemy space stations. Lots of expansion possibilities here. Enemy AI: overall it is good but it would be a nice addition if they did things to try and flank you, more strategy by the AI. I like that they try and use cover, but a little more intelligence and variance to their attacks would be good. Surprise attacks would be nice. In the first mission one comes up through the floor, but I have not seen that happen again. All the enemies are usually right there waiting for you. Feel free to comment and if you have posted game ideas elsewhere, cut and past them into this thread. I have seen other posts on game improvements and I think we should try and keep all of the ideas in one post so if they do read what we would like to see in the game, it can be found in one thread. Lets keep adding to it and bumping it periodically to keep it in front of the game devs. Trust me constructive criticism and game suggestions can find their way into a game. It has happened with Marvel Superheroes many times but suggestions have to be put in a good way. Being combative and saying the game sucks is not going to get it done.

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