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10/10/2014 7:02:19 PM

Choice and Exposure - Christians and Atheists.

“I hate it when Christians shove their religion in my face” “Indoctrination is wrong, choice should be given”. These arguments are common in cases when talking with an Atheist or (when twisted) it can be heard by others. And while in cases those arguments are wrong, they’re sometimes correct… I wont be the first to tell you that there are some people out there, that do force their beliefs upon others-on BOTH sides of the spectrum. It is only common with people because you would believe in one, but not the other. Lets say that you have Children, you have to raise them and nurture them on how you would want them to be. Because hey, you’re the parent and that is your kid—you’re the boss. Either way if you’re a Christian, Atheist or whatever—you would not talk about the other, would you? Honestly? Even if you did, would you be educated enough to share It without your own personal bias interfering? It’s a fine line to walk. There are Atheists out there that want people to have a choice, they see constant showings of their beliefs to be like imposing on them. Pressuring them into a situation that they do not believe. I will not deny that cases like that do not happen, but in regards to what a Christian should do—it ALL comes down to choice, in everything. That is what God (the Christian God at least) wants, for you to make a choice to follow him, or to not. “Oh yeah, choose to follow him or forever burn in hell.” Honestly, yeah—that’s the consequence. Hell is a real place, a place where you do not want to go and the only way to not is to come to believe, and accept Jesus into your life and make him master. Many will view this choice as a blatant fear inducting tactic, but hearing the word of God is not all about making you feel great, and happy. It is now becoming more apparent amongst preachers to totally avoid talking about those topics. Just simply make them feel good about themselves, and send them on their way. I have even talked to Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, and even people that go to Assembly’s of God—and I asked them “How do you get into heaven?” And the shocking reply to several was “do good things, live a good life, and believe in God.” No. That is not the way. You can be the most amazing person in the world and still fall short. It would be like this story: Say your mother was killed. The man was caught and brought to trial. When he starts talking to the Judge, he says “Hey Judge, I may have done this one thing. But I have also done a lot of good in my life!” …If that Judge were to let him go, would you consider him a good or a bad Judge? The Bible says that God is a good judge, and he will judge us not on the things that we did right; but the things we did wrong. “If God is dead, then everything is permissible.” Getting back on track. Schools in my area have come under attack due to organizations involving Christian gatherings. They are organized by instructors, but ran by students. An Atheist group has condemned and called for the disbanding of these groups with that same style of claim I stated at the beginning this. The whole argument from their side trends towards the law, and all that other stuff. But why does it have to be taken away from the students if they lead it? Why do people feel the need to govern what these kids believe and gather to discuss? Again, it all can come back to choice. You can choose to let something that you don’t believe in annoy you, or you can just let them have their thing, and you have yours. In regards to exposing people to different options, such as your own (lets say make believe children). If you’re so adamant about your believes in there being no God, what makes you think that you would present them with a choice? Would they not be “indoctrinated” into your way of thinking? Kids learn from their parents. The example starts up high, not down low.

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